Meeting of the Director of Justice of Nangarhar Province with UNAMA Representative

Thu, Mar 10 2022 12:37 PM

Maulvi Sahib Fatehullah Fateh, Director of Justice, Nangarhar Province, met with UNAMA Office for the Eastern Zone, Human Rights Officer, Cell Wester, on Monday 2022 /3/7/.
At the meeting, the Director of Justice briefed him on the scope of work of the department, saying that the Nangarhar Ddirectorate of Justice has four departments, each with a different area of ​​work.
The UNAMA representative raised a number of questions on human rights, particularly women's rights, human rights and other issues, to which Mr. Fateh provided reasonable and logical answers within the scope of his mandate.
The Chief Justice said that in order to ensure real justice, all cases related to women's rights that have been referred to the judiciary of the Islamic Emirate have been decided in accordance with Sharia and the principles of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. All officials of the Islamic Emirate are committed to the recent decree of Amir al-Mu'minin on women's rights.
During the meeting, the UNAMA representative pledged his support and cooperating with the Islamic Emirate in all areas and is committed to interacting and cooperating with the current system.


Mon, Sep 05 2022 4:12 PM
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The Ministry of Justice Presented the One Year Report on the Activities and Achievement of This Ministry

Sheikh Abdul Kareem Haidar, the Professional Deputy Minister of Ministry of Justice, presented the one year report on the activities and achievements of this ministry on Sunday, 5th of. . .

Sun, Aug 28 2022 2:56 PM
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Minister of Justice meets with Acting in Charge of UNAMA

Sheikh al-hadeeth Mawlawi Sahib Abdul Hakeem Sharei, the acting minister of justice of Islamic Emirate met with Mr. Markus Potzel, deputy special representative of the secretary general. . .