The Duties and Responsibilities of Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is an important government institution that works in close coordination and cooperation with the Legislature and Judiciary Organs. This Ministry with the vision of rule of law and ensuring justice in the country, has the duty of drafting laws and decrees of the president, drafting, scrutinizing and processing of legislative documents, implementing the recommendations of the conventions, which Afghanistan has acceded to, printing and publishing legislative documents, symbols and trademarks in the official gazette, rehabilitation and education of the delinquent juveniles, addressing legal claims of citizens, implementing the final verdicts of courts in the legal and civil cases, defending public properties in courts, providing free legal services to the destitute accused persons, providing legal awareness, peruse and processing of application for acquiring/giving up nationality, registering and scrutinizing of political parties, social organizations, property dealers and petition writers, notarizing legal documents, and the responsibility of chairmanship and Secretariat affairs of the High Commission for Combating against Human Trafficking and Smuggling of migrants and so on.


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5 months ago

The Ministry of Justice has undertaken important reforms during the period of the National Unity Government and has adopted fundamental steps in implementing its responsibilities, especially in the area of legislation. However, Shah Amanullah Khan’s government is considered one of the read more....

Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar
MOj minister

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Thu, Jan 09 2020 12:06 PM
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Ministry of Justice Cancels the Licenses of 13 Property Dealers in Kabul

The licenses of 13 property dealers in different areas of Kabul city have been cancelled by the Department of Mobilization of the Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. . .

Mon, Dec 16 2019 3:23 PM
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Ministry of Justice Drafts and Scrutinizes Seventy Five Legislative Documents during the Current Year

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This ministry of justice has drafted and scrutinized seventy five legislative documents during the current year and submitted them for processing to the legislation. . .

Sun, Dec 15 2019 10:39 AM
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Afghanistan and Kazakhstan to Increase Mutual Cooperation to Combat Admin Corruption

H.E Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar- Minister of Justice of Afghanistan, visited in his office, Mr. Bitinkoove Alzhas Abaiyouli- Deputy Head of Kazakhstan Authority to Combat Admin Corruption,. . .

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Sat, Jan 12 2019 9:55 AM


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Report of the High Commission to Combat Human Trafficking and Migrants Smuggling- 2018

Achievements of the Ministry of Justice in the area of Legislation during the term of National Unity Government;

The First Round of Legislative Stage Graduation

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