Registration of Property dealing and writing petition guide

First of all, the applicant shall present the printed petition to the Department of Cohesion or coordination, following the orders of the property dealing and petitioner directorate, the licensee applicant is obliged to fill in and complete the information form at the appointed time, and then submit it to the property dealing and Petitioners directorate. The licensee shall be responsible, In order to compensate the damage caused by the violations or non-fulfillment of their obligations, they can transfer their personal immovable property to the coordination Office as a Guarantee. Immovable property under guarantee cannot be transferred to another person legally or definitively, and in another case it cannot be guaranteed, Money under guarantee is not transferable to another person and in another case it cannot be guaranteed. The coordination department after ensuring itself, issues the license in 10 working days to applicant. If, the cohesion or coordination department rejects the applicant’s license, the applicant can submit the written complaint letter with reasons to Minister of Justice. The license fee is (15000) AFS for three years, the license in center is signed by cohesion or coordination director and in provinces by the director of Justice Directorate, and the license cannot be transferred to another person.

People with the following conditions, can receive the working permit of property dealings:

  1. National of Afghanistan.
  2. Having legal capacity.
  3. Have at least a baccalaureate (12 grades) certificate.

Not to be convicted of a crime, administrative corruption or related to related property dealing or the deprivation of civil rights by the competent court.

Presenting personal property dealing guarantees or bank statement as inserted in first attachment of property dealing law.

The following people may not engage in the property dealing tenure:

  1. Judges.
  2. Prosecutors.
  3. Assignees of Ministry of Defense (MoD).
  4. Officials of Ministry of Interior (MoI).
  5. NDS officers.
  6. Military officials of Ministries and Departments having Military formations.
  7. Members of Parliament, provincial Assemblies, districts and villages.
  8. Members of independent commissions and Municipality workers, State-owned and mixed enterprises and other civil servants.
  9. Defense lawyers.
  10. A person who is prohibited by law from practicing defense affairs.

People inserted in sub unit 1 and 2 of unit 1 of real estate law, after retirement or resignation from job, can get the license in case are meeting the criteria according to this law.

Real estate circular form:

Roadmap for the Directorate of Real Estate and Petition Writers’ Affairs of the Ministry of Justice for Issuing New Petition Writing Licenses

Receipt of Petition: Coordination Directorate - Directorate of Real Estate and Petition Writers –  Sub-Directorate

Submission of the prescribed petition to the Coordination Directorate.

Registration and issuance of order by the General Directorate.

Referral of Petition Writer License applicants to an examination for competency assessment

After the successful completion of the examination, the board of examiners is to certify the applicant's competence and qualifications to obtain a license of Petition Writing.

Completion of the informational form by the license applicant

Certification of educational documents (educational institutions)

Certificate of criminal record (Ministry of Interior Affaires)

Certificate of no financial liabilities (Ministry of Finance)

Verification of the certified informational form

Review and verification of the informational form after completion and certification by the authorities listed in the form to prevent forgery and falsification of documents.

Submission of license fee

Issuance of license fee tariff (Da Afghanistan Bank)

Issuance of license

Issuance of the license after checking and verifying all documents.

Petitioner’s circular form

 Table of reputation of petitioners in 2023 A.H. At the level of Kabul Province. Click here to view the list