Procedures on Proceeding Persons’ Petitions and Complaints

Article One:

This procedure has been laid down in order to deal directly with the petitions and complaints of real and legal persons regarding the performances of Ministry of Justice’s employees referred to the provisions stipulated in sub-paragraph (1) of article 26th of Law on Verification of Petitions.

Article Two:

Petitions based on the persons’ complaints as to the performances of employees of the Ministry of Justice, shall be directly processed and dealt with by the Office of the Ministry on Wednesdays at (2:00pm).

Article Three:

Persons having complaint about the performances of the employees of the Ministry of Justice may submit their complaints directly to the Office of the Ministry of Justice.

Article Four:

(1) The Petition Management Office shall be obliged to list the names of complainers in accordance with their referral times and set their visit appointments with Office of the Ministry of Justice.

(2) The Petition Management Office shall submit a copy of lists stipulated in paragraph (1) of this article to the security officials of the ministry in the reception desk and secretary of the Office of the Ministry.

Article Five:

(1) Minister of Justice along with the collaboration of Technical Deputy Minister of Justice, Administrative Deputy, General Director of State Cases, General Director of Rights, Director of Internal Inspection, Director of Coordination, Director of Kabul Hoquq, Director of Office of the Minister, in case, there is complaint from other central administrations, the respective official and manager of petition shall directly address the complaints and issue the definitive and necessary instructions.

(2) If the complaint is from other departments of the Ministry, the official of the relevant department shall be asked

Article Six:

Manager of petitions shall be obliged to register and issue the written instruction (conduction) of the Minister of Justice in the same meeting.

Article Seven:

(1) Directors of relevant departments shall be obliged to take note of the instructions that are issued by the Office of Ministry in session held to deal with  the persons ‘complaints and perform accordingly.

(2) Directors of relevant departments are obliged to observe the implementation of provisions issued by the Office of the Ministry, and submit their report of dealing with the complaints of persons in written, prior to the convention of next meeting.

Article Eight:

The provincial directors of Ministry of Justice shall be obliged to keep their cellphones activated and functional on the convention days of dealing with the complaints of persons on Wednesdays at (2:00 pm).  

Article Nine:

 Department of Publications is responsible to publish the accomplished execution of dealing with complaints of individuals within one month, for public awareness in the Journal of Justice and on the website of the Ministry.

Article Ten:

This procedure shall be enforceable upon its ratification date by the leadership council of the Ministry of Justice and shall be promulgated on the Ministry’s notice board and its website for the public awareness.