Office of Spokesperson and Outreach Officer

Mulavi Muhammad Ikram “Salar” spokesperson  of the ministry of justice

Brief introduction:

Mulavi Muhammad Ikram “salar”  son of  Mulavi Abdul Wali and grandson of  late Sayed Muhammad resident of Sangar village ,Alingar district of  Lughman province.

Primary Education:

Mulavi Muhammad Ikram “salar” enrolled for Quran memorization in Muhammadyah academy well-known madrasa Shuhada in Mardan, down-Pakhtonkhwa in one and half year perfectly complete the course.

After memorizing the holly Quran the begin primary books whit his honorable father, then went to Darul Uloom Faridiya  to learn secondary course books there.  

Secondary Education:

He completes to the end the secondary education in Alrahmaniya academy.

Higher Education:

He finished the major course  in famous Darul-Uloom khairul Madares in Mardan and then he did a one-year specialization in judicial and religious jurisprudence at Darul Uloom Ar-rahmaniya.

Modern education:

Mulavi Muhammad Ikram learn up to 10th class the modern educations and he was at 1st grade up to 7th class

Social and scientific activities:

Mulavi Muhammad Ikram after completing his specialization, start his job as spokesperson in ministry of  justice and yet he is in this post.

May Allah grant him to accomplish his job sincerely Ameen

In computer skills he learn M.s office and AutoCAD programs.


Pashtu, Dari, Urdu

The Ministry of Justice of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in accordance with the provisions of Mass Media Law and the Law on Access to Information, is committed to accountability towards media and the citizens of the country, and is always available to provide information, about the services of this Ministry.

The respected media, that require access to information on the activities of the Ministry, may coordinate with the Office of Spokesperson & the Outreach Officer of this ministry, and may get their required information in person, or via the telephone and other common means.

Likewise, citizens interested to receive different information on the activities of this ministry, may share their questions through the application form, and submit it to the officer in charge of accessing information of the spokesperson. The details and ways to communicate this person, is provided at the end of this page. The information required, will be provided to the valued applicants within the specified time period set forth in the Law on Access to Information.

Guideline to Use the Request for Information Form

Click on the link below to download and fill out of the request for information form. Then submit it to the officer in charge of accessing information for Press Department of Minister,s office Directorate. 

You may also request for information via e-mail. But before that, download and fill out the following electronic form, and then send it to the email address of Outreach Officer.

Download the Request for Information Electronic Form

Time Limit for Providing the Information

The outreach officer is obliged to deliver the requested information to you as soon as possible within ten days. This period may be extended to a further ten days should there exists some rational reasons. The Outreach Officer apologizes to provide you with the personal information of individuals including (name, surname, address of residence, place of work, personal and family life status, health documents, notes, correspondence, transactions, bank account, password and other information that is irrelevant to his official duties). Providing information to the media and journalists, and for the purpose of protecting the safety and freedom of a person, is not subject to this provision.  


Providing the information is prohibited, where:

  1. It endangers the independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and public security;
  2. It possibly leads to cut-off the political, economic and cultural relations of Afghanistan with other countries;
  3. It puts at risk the life and property of a person;
  4. It prevents the detection of a crime or curbs the prevention of committing a crime;
  5. It disrupts the process of the detection, investigation and prosecution of the accused or the adoption of precautionary measures in this area;
  6. It interrupts the process of a fair trial or the enforcement of a verdict;
  7. It breaches a person's privacy;
  8. It relates to commercial issues, personal properties and bank account.

Law on Access to Information, Serial Number 1358

Abdul Rahman “Ahmadi”,Outreach Officer

Contact No: 0766758927


Address: Fourth Floor, Ministry of Justice