Official Gazette

Ministry of Justice is responsible to publish the official gazette on monthly basis and in case it is considered necessary by the government, the especial editions could also be published.

Official Gazettes of Afghanistan include official announcements of the government which need to be communicated publicly, including the laws and other Principal documents.

All the documents which exist in the official gazettes shall be published in two official languages of the country, Dari and Pashto. The official gazettes are distributed to all the governmental offices, courts, universities all over Afghanistan and is available for sale to the public.

Official Gazette number 1313 of the year 2018 has named the Ministry of Justice as official concessionaire of the Official Gazettes of Afghanistan.

Annual Participation

In the capital and provinces: AFN 1500

For the government employees: 25% Discount

For school and university students by providing testimony: Half Price

For Bookstores: 10% Discount from the price on the cover

Outside the country: USD 200