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The Department of Legal Aid is one of the key departments of the Ministry of Justice. This department has two Sub-directorates (Legal Aid Sub-directorate and Public Legal Awareness Sub-directorate). The Legal Aid Directorate is usually responsible for supporting the weak class of the society. For this reason, it is in the field of protection and defense of poor people in criminal cases, women and children in civil cases and victims. Also, considers its duty to make people aware of their Sharia and legal rights and obligations.

It performs this important task through awareness in communities, schools, emirate administrations, and other places.

Objectives of the Legal Aid Directorate:

The Legal Aid Directorate works to achieve the following goals:

To provide the basis for providing reliable aid and legal services to the suspect, the accused or the convicted, or the needy victim.

Supporting the needy people in order to achieve justice.

Raising the level of awareness of the citizens of the country, regarding their rights and legal obligations.

Introducing the way to refer to justice and judicial bodies.

The working methods of the Legal Aid Directorate:

The working methods of this directorate in the two administrations are arranged and regulated in a separate and unique manner, which will be explained in the following way.

1- The working methods of the Assistance Directorate:

Legal aid work is initiated by a formal printed petition to the Legal Aid Directorate by the applicant or an official written communication from the administrations, and later the petition is submitted to the Legal Aid Directorate for the purpose of obtaining instruction, and after the instruction of the directorate, it is referred to the sub-directorate of legal aid and by the sub-director of legal aid a legal provider is appointed. Subsequently, the administrative management of the Legal Aid Directorate fills out the petitioner's indigent form and the appointed legal provider is introduced to the justice and judicial institutions by letter.

2- Working methods of the Directorate of Public Legal Awareness:

The Directorate of Public Legal Awareness has set its work process as follows:

Initially, presenting of advertisement, the titles of the awareness materials according to the needs of the society are identified and after the approval of the relevant authority in the board of teachers of this sub-directorate prepares and writes them. The basis of the legal content is the provisions of Islamic Sharia and laws. After preparing of the legal contents are made available to the employees of the public awareness section at the central and provincial levels; so, that they are used in spreading awareness.

For the purpose of providing awareness, at first, the Sub-directorate of Public Awareness will officially coordinate with the Emirate and private administrations, which include the Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Interior Affairs, Information and Culture, Hajj and Religious Affairs, and Municipality, and later, according to the chain of command, it will be distributed to the localities, schools, universities, districts, mosques and media networks for advertisements. In addition, informing of public awareness employees to provide legal advice for applicants in the office and localities.


Applicants for the legal aid services of the Ministry of Justice can download the form for determining indigence and the form for legal advice to indigent persons from the following link:

The form for determining the indigence of applicants for legal aid in criminal and family cases - download .

Legal advice form for needy people- download

You can download the supervisory form and the legal public awareness implementation form from the following link:

Supervisory form - download .

Public legal awareness implementation form - download .