Free Legal Aid


The destitute suspects and accused or their immediate families shall request from Legal Aids Office of Ministry Justice to assign a Legal Aid Provider to defend their rights in Justice and Judicial References and also with observation of Criminal Procedures Code and regulation of General Directorate of Legal Aids, Justice And Judicial Security References shall officially introduce the suspect and accused to the General Directorate of Legal Aids for assigning Legal Aid Provider in criminal and misdemeanor cases. Similarly, the destitute victim claiming victim’s rights shall use these aids. The destitute or unaccompanied women and juvenile shall also use this right in civil cases.

Those who request Legal Aid Provider in written, after the verdict of the Directorate or Department of Legal Aid, a Legal Aid Provider will be assigned for the requester. The case will be registered in the legal aids log book, a Legal Aid Provider will be introduced and dispatched officially to defend the rights of the suspect and accused in Justice and Judicial References that the relevant case exists there.

The assigned Legal Aid Provider has to sign a contract with the accused and suspect, and fill the suspect and accused destitute identification form as of Legal Aid Requester.

The Legal Aid Provider will be present in investigation and court decision making processes and prepare a defendant against prosecutor’s accusation letter and participate in judicial sessions of the court and in case of dissatisfaction of the Legal Aid Provider or his\her client to court’s decisions, the Legal Aid Provider has to prepare a objection letter for the court’s decisions. When justice and judicial references officially request Legal Aid Provider for the suspect or accused, the Legal Aid Provider will be officially introduced to the requester reference and the case will be registered in the log book. Lawfully, the Justice and Judicial Reference is obliged to cooperate with the Legal Aid Provider legally and present the information on results of their proceedings about the case to the Legal Aids Office.