The Financial and Administrative Director and the Legal Aids Director Were Introduced

Sat, Aug 13 2022 3:24 PM

ررررررررتبنتبنتبنیسب یسبینستبنیس The financial- administrative  and the legal aids directors of the ministry of justice of Islamic Emirate were introduced, on Saturday 1st of August, by the general director of the legislative affairs Mufti Fazal Hadi Sahebzada through a ceremony to the staff of this directorates and subsequently they started their duties


In this ceremony, the former financial and administrative director, Mr. Mawlawi Rahmatullah Haqani as the director of legal aids in 2nd grade and the former director of plan and policy Mr. Mawlawi Abdul Qader Sharifi as the financial and administrative director in the 2nd grade, were introduced


During the introduction, the Legislative Affairs Director, Mr. Sahebzada pointed out that the convention for improving the affairs is a well-known principle and admired their performances in their previous duties and grades. He also congratulated them on their new duties and wished them success  


Mon, Sep 05 2022 4:12 PM
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The Ministry of Justice Presented the One Year Report on the Activities and Achievement of This Ministry

Sheikh Abdul Kareem Haidar, the Professional Deputy Minister of Ministry of Justice, presented the one year report on the activities and achievements of this ministry on Sunday, 5th of. . .

Sun, Aug 28 2022 2:56 PM
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Minister of Justice meets with Acting in Charge of UNAMA

Sheikh al-hadeeth Mawlawi Sahib Abdul Hakeem Sharei, the acting minister of justice of Islamic Emirate met with Mr. Markus Potzel, deputy special representative of the secretary general. . .