Speech of H.E Fazel Ahmad Manawi, Minister of Justice of Afghanistan In Virtual Meeting  On Building Peaceful and Inclusive Societies through Justice for All

Thu, Apr 15 2021 8:59 AM

Wednesday April 14, 2021

Distinguished ministers, honorable heads of international organizations, UN member states, dear participants, ladies and gentlemen!

Good afternoon!

Allow me to first of all, express my gratitude and appreciation to the friendly country of Netherlands for their invitation and hospitality and to the g7+, the Elders and other organizers of this virtual gathering.

It is a pleasure to participate at this meeting and to make discussions on the justice.


You are well aware that access to justice in countries affected by conflict, may ensure a persistent peace and the legitimacy of the governments. Considering that, Afghanistan has constantly combatted with the challenges to realize the SDGs particularly to reduce poverty, gender equality, good governance and the rule of law and the human rights standards. 

For providing access to justice on the basis of the needs of the people, the international organizations are requested to provide the required assistance to the justice sectors in the areas of legislation, policy making and developing the effective strategies. This would lead to provision of people-oriented justice services and as a whole, increases the efficiency of the justice sectors.

Our recent experience shows that the world was lacking the required preparedness to combat and prevent the COVID 19. That is why, we need to set forth certain provisions in this regard in the national and international documents, in the light of which, every sort of negligence that endangers the human lives is avoided in a timely manner in the future. 

I would like to hereby welcome and appreciate the establishment of the Action Coalition for Justice and I definitely consider this as a positive step towards carrying out the responsibilities of providing access to people-oriented justice and building peaceful societies.

Last but not least, besides expressing my appreciation and gratitude to the organizers, I would like to ask the friendly countries and international organizations to continue their support to Afghanistan as usual in the areas of capacity building, combat against discrimination, violence and other prevailing challenges.

Thank you for your attention!


Tue, Jul 13 2021 1:15 PM
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