Seven Political Parties Removed from the Registered Political Parties List

Mon, Aug 05 2019 8:10 PM

The Ministry of Justice, on the basis of Paragraph (2), Article (9) of the Regulation on Procedure of Establishing and Registering Political Parties, removed the names of seven political parties from the list of the registered parties with the Ministry of Justice, for lacking active representation in provinces and not renewing the registration of their parties within the legally permitted term. These political parties are:

  1. Hezb-i-Haqiqat, led by Shah Wali Karimzoy
  2. Hezb-i-Eitidal Milli, led by Mohammad Jamil
  3. Hezb-i-Harakat Milli, led by Dr. Waheedullah Nasiri
  4. Hezb-i-Asri Maa, led by Mawlavi Abdur-Rahman Rahmani
  5. Hezb-i-Sadayee Mardom, led by Engineer Shir Wali Wardak
  6. Hezb-i-Nukhbagan Mardom Afghanistan, led by Abdul Hameed Jawad, and
  7. Hezb-i-Ijmaa Milli Jawanan Afghanistan, led by Mir Haidar Afghanzadah.

It should be mentioned that with revoking the above mentioned parties, the number of registered parties remain 68 parties with the Ministry of Justice.

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