The New Building of the Ministry of Justice Inaugurated in Dar-ul-Aman

Wed, Jul 31 2019 1:01 PM
تعمیر جدید وزارت عدلیه در دارالامان افتتاح گردید

Asad 8, 1398

This building was inaugurated in an official ceremony by His Excellency Mohammad Sarwar Danish, the Second Vice President, His Excellency Dr. Abdul Basir Anwar, Minister of Justice, and His Excellency Mohammad Fareed Hameedi, Attorney General, in the presence of the cabinet members, deputy ministers and heads of directorates and staff members and a number of foreign guest, at Dar-ul-Aman, area yesterday.

تعمیر جدید وزارت عدلیه در دارالامان افتتاح گردید

H E the Minister of Justice, first congratulated the 100th anniversary of the country’s independence to the government and the people of Afghanistan, in advance, and then spoke on the 100-year old history of the justice and judiciary system of the country, the organizational structure of the Ministry of Justice, main achievements and the working challenges of the new building. He said that the Ministry of Justice was one of the main and important institutions of the government of Afghanistan, is now a hundred years of age. He said, “This ministry during the term of the National Government, has accurately revised its working and organizational structures and as a result, has succeeded to create the positions of Deputy Minister (Social Affairs), Directorate of Human Right Support, Directorate of Foreign Relations, Directorate of Authentication and Translation of Official Documents and a number of other professional positions”.

تعمیر جدید وزارت عدلیه در دارالامان افتتاح گردید

The Minister further said that the Ministry of Justice, during the term of the National Government has succeeded to prevent thousands of hectares of government lands from usurpation while scrutinizing and processing of 416 legislative documents, addressed thousands of applications and legal dossiers, and defended the rights of some 30 thousand destitute accused persons. Beside these, created the Legislative Stage program, Center of Providing Free Advice via Telephone, databases for legal documents, human trafficking and legal assistances, facilitated opportunities for the presence of women in the Ministry of Justice, constructed new standard buildings for the delinquent children and Provincial Departments of Justice, upgraded the education level of the personnel of the Ministry of Justice to the BA and Master’s Degrees, announced some 420 professional positions of the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of recruiting  professionals and persons holding higher educational degrees… etc. “These are some of the achievements that the Ministry of Justice has accomplished during this term”, he said.

تعمیر جدید وزارت عدلیه در دارالامان افتتاح گردید

The Minister of Justice added that human resource, equipment and infrastructure and financial resources were the important necessities of a department. He said, “The Ministry of Justice, in the equipment and infrastructure wise, has equipped all its departments, except in two provinces, at the center and provincial levels”. He also said that absence of Children Rehabilitation Centers in some 24 provinces, lack of offices in districts, insufficiency in the structure of the General Directorate of State Cases and General Directorate of Huqooq in accordance with the relevant laws were among the challenges of the ministry. He said that the draft of increasing salaries of the professional personnel of the ministry had been sent to the Ministry of Finance, but there has been no progress, so far in this regard.

Meanwhile, H E Sarwar Danish, praised the achievements of the National Government in the field of legislation. He said that processing some 400 legislative documents in various arenas was unprecedented. He, while admiring the legislative process in the country said, “In the text and contents wise, rate of affect, and being up to date, there are still some deficiencies in legislation, which requires more efforts and investments. The Second Vice President, while criticizing the National Assembly, said, “The National Assembly, even though has the main role and responsibility in the legislation, but unfortunately, has failed to show much initiative in the last two terms, and typically has least amended government draft laws .

تعمیر جدید وزارت عدلیه در دارالامان افتتاح گردید

The Second Vice President also said that the justice and judicial system, in the structural wise, had some problems and an organic link was lacking among the justice and judicial departments. He said, “These are like the rings of a catena that support each other, and shall lack efficiency if do not support each other. He, while admiring the achievements of the Ministry of Justice, said that the low academic and professional capacity and lack of resources were among the serious challenges of the justice and judicial institutions.

H E Mohammad Fareed Hameedi, the Attorney General also congratulated the independence of the country and the inauguration of the new building to the Ministry of Justice and the people of Afghanistan and praised the heroic struggles of the people of Afghanistan for their independence against the super powers, throughout the history. He thanked and expressed satisfaction over the achievements of the Ministry of Justice. He said that having appropriate working environment in providing quality service were important and necessary. He promised to continue cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, and expressed pleasure to the Ministry of Justice for having such a beautiful building for office.

تعمیر جدید وزارت عدلیه در دارالامان افتتاح گردید

At the end, the Minister of Justice, for the recognition of cooperation of the country’s Second Vice President in the field of legislation, presented a medal of appreciation on behalf of all personnel of the ministry, and thanked the special guests for their participation in this occasion.

It is worthy to mention that the founding stone of the new building was laid by H E Mohammad Sarwar Danish, the Second Vice President in 1393. This building and its outbuildings were constructed in 25 hectare land with the total expenses of Afs.531492204 from the government budget, and the financial assistance of the World Band. The new building has been constructed in 5 stories and has 286 rooms and 82 restrooms.

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