A farewell ceremony was held with officials and employees of the Department of Correctional Center

Sat, Jun 13 2020 8:23 PM

 Farewell ceremony with officials and employees of the Department of Rehabilitation and Education of Children Centers in the presence of Seyed Mohammad Hashmi deputy minister of administration of the Ministry of Justice, Mohammad Sediq Sediqi,head of the center for child rehabilitation and education, Abdol majid Ghanizada ,general director of legislation, Azizeh Adalatkhah, director general of legal aid , Mohammad Rahim Daqiq, head of publications and public relations, Abdul Ghias Eliassi, head of the internal inspection  and staff of the rehabilitation centers, were held .  The Ministry of Justice has recently handed over the responsibility for child rehabilitation centers to the prisons administration affairs.


During the ceremony, the deputy minister of administration of the Ministry of Justice appreciated the functions of the directorate of children's rehabilitation and training centers and, he appreciated the standardization of these centers in Kabul and the provinces.

He said the Ministry of Justice, had been able to work in 13 provinces, while in charge of these centers.


Establish standardized building to reform and maintain the children who break the law, at the expense of the Afghan government and some international foundation. Also, this ministry has been able to provide related land to rehabilitation centers in all provinces of the country.

The Deputy Minister of Administration of the Ministry of Justice called these achievements the product of the work of the officials of the Children's department of rehabilitation and education center , he was hopeful  that the prison administration affaire would be able to do more on this field.


Mohammad Sediq Siddiqui, director of the correctional center for child rehabilitation and training said “the decision to transfer the responsibility of the center and its staff from the Ministry of Justice to the prison administration affaire for better coordination of the issue relating for the detention centers, were taken”.

In adjusting and training centers of children, across the country, children who break the law and convicted to confinement, they have maintained for rehabilitating. The responsibility for these centers established by the Ministry of Justice over the past years, and on January, 15, 2020, this responsibility was assigned to the prisons administration affaire based on a presidential decree.       


Tue, Jul 13 2021 1:15 PM
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The Minister of Justice looked over the status of legal awareness

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The meeting. . .

Mon, Jul 12 2021 12:54 PM
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10 people in numbers attained their citizenship of Afghanistan

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Tue, Jul 06 2021 3:45 PM
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Minister of Justice:  outreaching Information is a principle while national interests are far more important

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