Resolution of Legal Dispute by Ministry of Justice among Two Drag Import Companies

Wed, Jun 22 2022 9:43 AM

The in charged delegation of ministry of justice of Islamic Emirate the dispute among Afghan Serjical Pharma  company and the Afghan Pharma company that was in progress since long time, resolve in short time this dispute.

The Afghan Pharma company and Afghan Pharma company since several years have the legal dispute on monopoly importing the drugs belongs to Galf Phrmosiotical (Jalfar) and using the logo of this company. The ministry of justice in charged a representative from the interior inspection directorate of this ministry to study their case file in the directorate of Emirate cases.

The in charged representatives investigated their file and the results shows that the Afghan Pharma company after termination of their contract whit on 2018 with Galf Pharmosiotical (Jalfar) company of United Arabic Emirates, registered the sign and logo of Jalfar to their own company whit feign and they also manipulated the official gazette number 961 and used it for their own efficiency for promoting of their case. So registration of the logo and sign of Jalfar to the name of afghan Pharma Company is feign and the main deserve of the importing drugs of jalfar. 

The ministry of justice introduced the officials of the afghan pharma company to attorney general for accusation of feigning and blocked their companies by cooperation of relevant administrations.  


Wed, Jun 29 2022 11:45 AM
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Ministry of Justice has Issued 64 Activity Licenses to the Charity Foundations over the Course of Last 9 Months

Ministry of justice has issued 64 activity licenses to charity foundations out of which 59 licenses were new and 5 other licenses have been renewed.

These licenses were processed and. . .

Tue, Jun 28 2022 12:31 PM
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Deputy Director of Legislation Affairs Institute and the Director of Criminal Law Department were Introduced

The deputy director of legislation affairs and academic-legal research institute of Ministry of Justice and the director of criminal law department of this directorate who were. . .

Tue, Jun 28 2022 10:46 AM
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Collecting of approximately 20 Million Revenues in Afghanis from the Issuance of Real Estate Agencies and Petition Writers’ Licenses

The General Directorate of Cohesion of Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Emirate has issued licenses to (1) thousand and (734) real estate agencies and petition writers’ applicants. . .