Ministry of Justice Convenes the Third Round Exam for Translators of Kabul Translation Centers

Sun, Mar 01 2020 10:19 AM

The Ministry of Justice convened the third round exam for translators of Kabul Translation Centers for the purpose of implementing the provisions of the law on translation and notarization of legal documents and to improve the quality of translations of legal documents in the country.

The exam was taken at the Ministry of Justice in February 23rd on Sunday. The Ministry of Justice, in accordance with the provisions of the law, is obliged to distribute the licenses of translation of legal documents to those who meet the requirements of the law on translation and notarization of legal documents. Having a bachelor's degree and legal knowledge are the most important requirements for the qualified translators, stipulated in this law.

The next round of the exam is to be arranged at the earliest possible time. The translations of those translators not obtaining licenses will not be attested or notarized by notarization department of ministry of justice, following the next round.

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