Conference on Introducing of the 5-year Policy and Strategy of the Ministry of Justice

Sat, Jul 27 2019 12:57 PM
Conference on Introducing of the 5-year Policy and Strategy of the Ministry of Justice

2-3 Asad, 1398

Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, convened a 2-day conference under the title of “Introducing the 5-year Policy and Strategy of the Ministry of Justice” in which His Excellency the Minister of Justice, his deputies and heads of departments of center and provinces, at Hotel Kabul Serena.

In this conference, the importance of policy and strategy in the legal system of the country was discussed, and the Ministry’s 5-year Plan and Strategy (1398 – 1402) was introduced to the heads of departments of center and provinces of this ministry as well as some international partner organization of the ministry.

H. E. Dr. Abuld Basir Anwar, the Minister of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in his inauguration speech stressed on the rule of law and access of the people to justice. He said, “The rule of law and access to justice are the two important elements of the comprehensive, balanced social, economic and cultural development, and the instruments for maintaining peace, security and stability in the country”.

کنفرانس معرفی پالیسی و استراتیژی پنج ساله وزارت عدلیه برگزار گردید

He added that the Ministry of Justice, as a responsible government institutions, deems the provision of qualitative justice and legal services for all citizens of the country among its duties. For this purpose, it has arranged the strategy “Law and Justice” with a strategic objective of “Strengthening the Justice System and Providing Qualitative Justice and Legal Services” in the form of seven smaller objectives. The Minister of Justice thanked all individuals who contributed in preparing this strategy, and asked thorough and timely implementation of the strategy. He further said that the international partners of Afghanistan in the area of justice and judicial should cooperate with the Ministry of Justice in implementing of this plan and strategy, as well as in prioritizing of programs of the ministry.

Dr. Zakia Aadili, the Deputy Minister of Justice (Social Affairs) spoke on the developments and the method of the organizational management in the world, and said, “The traditional management was not respondent of our present day’s requirements, and therefore, it is necessary to take effective steps, considering our cultural values”. She asked the supporter of the ministry to find our better ways for implementing this strategy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zaki Ayubi, representative of the (GIZ) spoke on the background of the cooperation of the German government with Afghanistan, and assured on continuation of their cooperation with the Afghan government, in particular, with the Ministry of Justice in the field of Justice and Judiciary.

It worth to mention that the Ministry of Justice with the vision of rule of law and access to justice all over the country, through drafting, scrutiny, printing and publishing of the legal documents, enhancing the capacity for resolving legal disputes of families, civil, commercial, prior to referring them to courts, expediting of implementing the final verdicts of courts in the civil and commercial cases, raising capacity to defend public properties, rehabilitate and looking after the delinquent children, expand and coordination of legal public awareness programs, development of the system of registering the cases, establishing physical infrastructures, defending human rights, basis rights and the general freedom of citizens, strengthening cooperation and coordination with the justice and judicial institutions, shall fulfill its duties and responsibilities, in the coming 5 years.



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