23 Real Estate Agencies and Car Sellers in Kabul were blocked

Sun, Nov 28 2021 2:12 PM

The Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has blocked 39 offices of real estate agencies and car sellers in 17th police district of Kabul due to their violations and illegal activities, after reviewing their documents.

The assigned delegate for review and supervision of real estate agencies of Ministry of Justice, in presence of Mawlawi Ehsanullah Wasiq, the Director of Real Estate Agencies Affairs  and Car Sellers of this Ministry have oversighted the Sare- Kutal, Shahrake- Safa and Shahrake- Tallayee sites in 17th police district of Kabul city last week.

After reviewing the documents of the real estate agencies and car seller’s offices, the delegate blocked the offices of 14 real estate agencies and 9 car sellers owing to their illegal activities and non- renewal of their licenses within their due time limits.

The real estate agencies and car sellers being blocked by this assigned delegate are not allowed to carry out any transactions anymore.

The Ministry of Justice calls on all officials in charge of real estate agencies and car callers to legalize their activities by obtaining and renewing their licenses. The Ministry also urges all esteemed citizens to make sure that the real estate agencies or car sellers are registered with the Ministry of Justice before conducting their transactions in these offices.



Tue, Jan 18 2022 12:29 PM
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The Ministry of Justice is conducting religious and educational Programs for its employees

The Ministry of Justice has started for 152 religious, administrative and literacy training programs for administrative and service staff.

Mon, Jan 10 2022 8:51 AM
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Notification of General Directorate of Cohesion of Ministry of Justice of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Hereby all unions and charitable foundations whose activity licenses have expired and carry out their activities illegally, to refer to the Ministry of Justice in order to register,. . .

Tue, Dec 28 2021 11:58 AM
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The Documents of 15 Towns in Kabul, Are Under the Review of Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has collected and examined the documents of 15 residential towns located in the districts of Kabul city.

The General Directorate of Emirate Cases of the. . .