Message of the Minister

The Ministry of Justice however has experienced many changes, in particular, procedural changes during the last twenty years; but most importantly, it needs further in depth changes and innovations from substantial point of view.  We are not making promises to do unfeasible and impractical things, however at the same time, our intention is to work honestly, sympathetically and on the basis of the commitment we have for this soil and people. The ministry of Justice as a coordinating body between tertiary organs of the State, is specifically tasked for legislation affairs and processing of the legislative documents. However Afghanistan a rich country in terms of laws, but we do not want to be confronted with a jungle of inapplicable laws. In spite of that, we need to revise our laws and make the laws in a way so that they are wide-scope and applicable. Defending public properties constitute one of the other important duties of the ministry of justice in deed, for which we are genuinely committed to do our best. Justice is thought to be the keystone in a country and every progress may be indebted to it. The Ministry of Justice is an authority for justice; that is why; we would strictly and firmly stand against force, breach of law and the injustices.