Draft Law on Associations was shared with Social Institutions

Sat, Nov 07 2020 12:35 PM

For the purpose of evaluation and receiving constructive and informative feedbacks from a number of active social institutions in the country, the Draft Law on Associations was shared amongst them.

At a meeting convened at the Ministry of Justice with regard to the above mentioned issue, Dr. Zakia Adeli Deputy Minister of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Justice, spoke about the significance of the revision of this law and asked the representatives of social institutions to diligently review the draft law on Associations and share their views with the ministry of Justice.

At this meeting, members of the Associations Law Revision Committee discussed the circumstance of processing and preparation of this plan.


Meanwhile, the registered officials and representatives of social institutions participating at the meeting held at Ministry of Justice, unified their perspectives and shared them with the ministry.  

It should be noted that Ministry of Justice has proposed a revision for the Law on Associations this year due to some ambiguity in the applicable Associations law. The Revision and Amendment Committee of this law have been working on revising the  afore mentioned law since four months ago.

The committee has prepared and drafted the Law on Associations after conducting a comparative scrutiny and analysis of all internal laws pertinent to Associations, laws of different countries, surveying the needs of Afghan society, carrying out comprehensive interviews with relevant experts and respective organs and people being responsible in this arena.



Sun, May 02 2021 12:52 PM
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