Comprehensive Report of Ministry of Justice Presented in Press Conference on Accountability of Government to the Nation

Sun, Feb 23 2020 1:09 PM
Comprehensive Report of Ministry of Justice Presented in Press Conference on Accountability of Government to the Nation

Saturday Feb 23rd 2020

Reform of laws is the main goal of the Ministry of Justice, which gets materialized through outlining, drafting and scrutinizing of the legislative documents, and their timely process of printing and publishing. According the Legislative Working Plan, ratified by the cabinet, this ministry should have processed 95 Legislative Documents in 1398, but due to the requirements of the government, this ministry, after bringing necessary amendments, additions, omissions, and attachments in 22 Legislative Documents, 1 Statute, 2 procedures, 1 Bill and 5 Decrees, altogether 95 legislative documents including 20 Laws and 44 Regulations, has been able to scrutinize and send to the Laws Committee of the Cabinet and the National Assembly for processing.


Dr. Abdul Basir Anwar, the Minister of Justice, speaking in the accountability conference of the government to the nation at Government Media and Information Center, said: “The Ministry of Justice, through its Stage Training Program, has provided one-year training to 137 graduates of Law and Sharia including 48 females and 89 males on issues related to legislation”. He said that the Ministry of Justice, through following lawsuits in courts and issuance of recovery rulings according to the Law on State Cases, had prevented the usurpation of government properties and seizure of public assets. He said that the Ministry of Justice in 1398, has recovered a total of 173 thousand Jeribs of government land, including properties.

He further said, “The Ministry of Justice in the fiscal year of 1398, has registered and addressed 19954 cases including 10554 estate cases, 4101cases of loans and 5299 family related cases”. He said, “From the total of these cases, 816 civil and public rights cases, after final decision of courts, have been implemented and the implementation of the remaining 339 case is in progress”.

He said that the Ministry of Justice, in the fiscal year of 1398, has defended the rights of 9143 destitute suspects and accused which included 7332 males, 403 females and 794 children in the justice and judicial institutions in Kabul as well as in provinces. As a result of the defense provided by the legal aid providers of this ministry, he said, 1352 persons has been exonerated and the prison terms of 8005 prisoners has been rebated.

In the fiscal year 1398, 2828 suspected, accused and sentenced to detention children, including 89 females were maintained, fed and accommodated in the juvenile rehabilitation centers. They were provided with vocational, religious and cultural education.


He further elaborated, “This ministry, in 1398, has issued licenses to 1002 social organization, including 915 new institutions along with extensions of 87 institutions. Also, it has issued permits to four political parties, amongst them three political parties have newly acquired permits of activity, and one political party has got extension of the permit. The permits of 7 political parties, 1603 social organization, 291 property dealers, after a thorough scrutiny, were removed from the registry”.

The total budget of the Ministry of Justice in the fiscal year 1398 was more than one billion and forty-two million Afghanis, out of which, this ministry has spent 94.57% of its normal and 84.91% of its development budget. The planned income of the ministry in 1398 was more than 76 million and sixty-one thousand Afghanis, but this ministry has been able to attain more than 85 million Afghanis.


In 1398 fiscal year, 486 cases of relinquishing citizenship registered in the ministry and the demander wanted the citizenships of Iran, Austria, Netherland, Russia, Azerbaijan, Japan and Indonesia. At the same time, 12 cases of acquiring Afghanistan citizenship have also been registered, which their processing is under consideration.

The Ministry of Justice, observing the principles of freedom of expression and on the basis of the Law on Access to Information, in 1398 has had 780 cases of providing information, which included convening press conferences, issuing communiques, giving interviews, providing information via telephone, publishing news and replying to the forums of demanding information.

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