Administrative learning program was conducted

Mon, Jun 13 2022 2:10 PM

The directorate of human resource of ministry of justice of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, held administrative operating learning program for central staff of this ministry.

In this program which was held on May 31st and June 1st for two days, 40 central staff of this ministry were participated.


This learning program was onward by Jahan University teachers and trainers of human resource directorate of ministry of justice And the issues like: definition of the administration, the sound features of administration, basic principles of administration, ethics of administration, general .duties of managers, plan and its importance and others… were taught


Wed, Jun 29 2022 11:45 AM
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Ministry of Justice has Issued 64 Activity Licenses to the Charity Foundations over the Course of Last 9 Months

Ministry of justice has issued 64 activity licenses to charity foundations out of which 59 licenses were new and 5 other licenses have been renewed.

These licenses were processed and. . .

Tue, Jun 28 2022 12:31 PM
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Deputy Director of Legislation Affairs Institute and the Director of Criminal Law Department were Introduced

The deputy director of legislation affairs and academic-legal research institute of Ministry of Justice and the director of criminal law department of this directorate who were. . .

Tue, Jun 28 2022 10:46 AM
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Collecting of approximately 20 Million Revenues in Afghanis from the Issuance of Real Estate Agencies and Petition Writers’ Licenses

The General Directorate of Cohesion of Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Emirate has issued licenses to (1) thousand and (734) real estate agencies and petition writers’ applicants. . .