Ministry of Justice Processes Recruitment Procedure for 48 Positions in First Six Months of 2020 (1399)

Ministry of Justice during the first six months of the fiscal year 2020 has announced 48 positions in cooperation with the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission and the process is going on to hire qualified people in these positions.

In these 48 positions announced in the center, 1127 individuals registered themselves that in the first stage, 655 individuals were considered qualified for these positions and have been shortlisted; and 472 others due to lack of required documentation, graduation from a non-business field for the relevant position and lacking other requirements, were not recognized as qualified persons for the said positions.

A competitive exam has not been held for 655 qualified candidates due to the outbreak of corona virus and the quarantine in the first six months of the fiscal year, and it is supposed that the exams to be held immediately and eligible candidates will be recruited accordingly.

During the first and second quarters of fiscal year 2020, the Ministry of Justice also introduced 450 employees of the Ministry, including 77 female employees to the capacity building programs, and 42 others to domestic and international educational institutions to get their bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

In between, one employee has been introduced to the bachelor's program, 30 employees for the master's program inside the country, 10 for the master's program and one for the doctoral program in abroad.  During this period the Ministry's 87 employees were rewarded. During this period, 87 employees of the ministry have been rewarded and appreciated.

Ministry of Justice has in its organizational structure, 2887 employees with a 107 employees working on contract basis. Thus, a total number of 2994 employees are working in the center and provinces under the organizational structure of the Ministry of Justice.

Among these, 925 employees work in the center and 2069 employees in the provinces; out of which, 114 central employees, 263 provincial employees and 7 contract based employees are filled by the women.