Department of Foreign Relations

The Necessity of Establishment: The Department of Foreign Relations is the key part of this ministry; the purpose of establishment of this department is solely, to provide passports and visas for the high ranking officials of this ministry. The national and international organizations are in contact with the Ministry to assess the needs and requirements of the ministry’s development programs. Also, they supervise the development works and prepare reports for the ministry, in accordance with the Afghan’s National Development Strategy.

The Department of Foreign Relations has one Chairman, one Head of Division, three General Directors and four Directors

  • Chairman of Foreign Relations

  • Head of Coordination with organizations

  • General Directorate of Coordinating the Off-budget Projects  

  • Directorate of Coordinating  of the Off-budget projects

  • General Directorate of Coordination with Organizations

  • Directorate of Coordination with Organizations

  • General Directorate of Foreign Relations

  • Executive Directorate

Total staff members of the Foreign Relation Department are (9).

Key Duties: Providing passports and visas for the high ranking officials of the ministry, for overseas journeys through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, forsaking or obtaining citizenship, in accordance with the Citizenship Law, and contact with the NGOs.

The Working Plans of the Foreign Relation Department are developed annually. The Divisions, Directorates and staff members, prepare their working plans in accordance with the annual plans of the Department, and execute accordingly.

The laws which the Department of the Foreign relations may deal with:

 Laws of Citizenship, Organizations, NGOs, Labor, Civil Services, Regulation on Overtime Working, Code of Conduct, and Procedures on Addressing Complains of the Civil Servants.

Other Duties:

Organizing meetings, inviting the national and International agencies to cooperate in various processes with the relevant institutions of the ministry, preparing MoUs, issuance of the relevant invitations to encourage national and international organizations to implement the strategy of the Ministry of Justice in line with the Afghanistan National Developmental Strategy.