Procedure of Addressing Petitions and Complaints of Persons


Article 1:

This procedure is enacted in order to directly hear and address petitions and complaints of real and legal persons regarding performance of MoJ staff in circumstances stated in first section, article 26 of Law on Inspecting Petitions.

Article 2:

Petitions based on complaints of persons regarding performance of MoJ staff are directly addressed by the Minister of Justice every Wednesday at 2:00pm.

Article 3:

Persons who have complaints regarding performance of MoJ staff can directly submit their complaints to the Minister of Justice.

Article 4:

  1. Complaints’ Department is responsible to list names of petitioners based on time of their visit and arranges their appointment with the Minister of Justice.
  1. Complaints’ Department shall submit copies of the list mentioned in paragraph one of this article to the security officials, Reception, and the Secretariat of MoJ.

Article 5:

  1. The Minister of Justice along with Technical Deputy, Administrative Deputy, General Director of Government Cases, General Director of Huqooq, Director of Internal Audit, Director of Registration of Political Parties and Social Unions, Director of Kabul Huqooq, the Secretary, and if the complaint is about other central offices, the respective authorities, and Complaints’ Officer will directly address the petitions and issue necessary and specific guidance accordingly.
  1. If the complaint is about other directorates of MoJ, the respective authority will be called upon.

Article 6:

Complaints Officer is obligated to record and submit written guidance of the Minister of Justice in the same meeting.

Article 7:

1. Directors of the relevant offices are obligated to note the guidance issued by the Minister in complaints hearing sessions and take necessary steps accordingly.

2. Directors of relevant offices are obligated to monitor implementation of Minister’s verdicts and submit a written report of it before the next complaints hearing session.

Article 8:

Directors of Justice in provinces are obligated to keep their cell phones active during the day of complaints hearing sessions (Wednesdays, at 2:00pm).

Article 9:

Publications Directorate is obligated to publish reports of heard cases and undertaken measures in Adalat Gazette and the Website of ministry within a month for public awareness.

Article 10:

This procedure is effective from the date of approval by Leadership Board of MoJ and shall be published in Announcements Board as well as MoJ website for public awareness.