Ministry of Justice Cancels the Licenses of 13 Property Dealers in Kabul

Thu, Jan 09 2020 12:06 PM

The licenses of 13 property dealers in different areas of Kabul city have been cancelled by the Department of Mobilization of the Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan due to the reason these licenses have not been renewed in its due time. It is mention worthy that the said dealers, according to article 14 of law on property dealers, shall not be entitled to function anymore.  

Paragraph 4 of article 14 of the Law on Property dealers, provides that “whenever the owners of licenses do not renew their licenses within 45 days, the Department of Mobilization of the Ministry of Justice shall be obliged to cancel their licenses and remove their names from the concerned list, after making sure that the tax liabilities have been settled.”

Furthermore, in accordance with article 31 of the aforementioned law, police, municipality and other relevant entities shall be obliged to lock the offices of property dealers in order to prevent the misspend of public revenues and the deception of citizens and other illegal activities. Moreover, they need to direct the owners of property dealers to attend the Department of Mobilization of the Ministry of Justice to settle their tax liabilities and process the cancellation of their licenses.

The Cancelled Licenses of Property Dealers, are as follow:

Mehtarlam Property Dealer, license no: 349, located in Qambar intersection, fifth police district;

Rashidi Property Dealer, license no: 767, located in Dough Abad, sixth police district;

Haji Rohullah Nasiri Property Dealer, license no: 772, located in Jafaria Mosque, sixth police district;

Kapisa Afghan Property Dealer, license no: 659, located in the first street of 315 town, eleventh police district;

Khalid Hakimi Property Dealer, license no: 734, located in Qallae- Najarha, eleventh police district;

Delpasand Property Dealer, license no: 636, located in Qalae- Wakil, ninth police district;

Rezayee Property Dealer, license no: 686, located in Dehboori Shahid Intersection, third police district;

Mohammad Shapoor Safi Property Dealer, license no: 610, located in Block Ninth of Arzan Qimmat, twelfth police district;

Khost Mangal Loya Paktia Property Dealer, license no: 651, located in behind the Ismael Zabihullah Mosque, twelfth police district;

Salim Shahidmal Property Dealer, license no: 766, located in the Second Block of Arzan Qimmat, twelfth police district;

Khan Ahmadzai Property Dealer, license no: 622, located in bot Khak Car Sellers, twelfth police district;

Kabir Niazi Property Dealer, license no: 599, located in Qalae- Qazi, thirteenth police district;

Abdul Latif Farmali Property Dealer, license no: 655, located in Angur-Bagh, thirteenth police district.

The licenses of Property Dealers remain valid for a period of three years, however the aforementioned property dealers have not proceeded to renew their licenses within the due period of time.




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