Internal Audit and Anti-Corruption

General Information:

One of the duties of the Ministry of Justice is to fight corruption and provide quality justice services in the center and provinces. To this end, the Internal Audit Department acts as an important organizational unit in the Ministry to inspect and review how these services are provided.

This department aims to ensure professional, financial and administrative performance, effective supervision and control, modality of implementation of the plans of the relevant departments, protection of public assets through control and supervision, identification of illegal, ineffective, and inaccurate activities and therefore proposing amendment to remove their shortcomings.

The Department of Internal Audit works as a controlling and supervising body in the Ministry, regularly audits and monitors the financial and economic activities of the units under the Ministry and directs and regulates their activities.

The Internal Audit Department operates in accordance with the plan established by the Ministry of Justice in coordination with the Supreme Audit Office.

This department consists of board of auditors, control and supervision, and reports consolidation and analysis sections.

The department deals with violators in accordance with the law if cases of corruption are proven in the departments of the Ministry of Justice.

Reports on the activities of the Internal Audit Department of the Ministry of Justice are as below:

Monthly Report

Quarterly Report

Annual Report