Draft Law on Political Parties was shared with Representatives of Political Parties

Tue, Nov 10 2020 3:18 PM

Ministry of Justice shared the Law on Political Parties with officials and representatives of active political parties in order to involve their consultations and views with regard to this law.

Law on Political Parties has been revised and the first draft of which has been prepared by the Ministry of Justice. The reason for the revision and preparation of its new draft is the inefficacy of the activities of political parties in the country and some ambiguities in it.


Dr. Zakia Adeli, Deputy Minister of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Justice, in a consultative meeting held amongst officials of political parties, spoke as to the importance of revision and new and bringing about innovations in new draft of the previously mentioned law.

She called on the representatives of the political parties to attentively review the draft law on political parties and share their viewpoints with the ministry.

At the meeting, Revision Committee Members of Law on political Parties also spoke about the process and content of the new draft law on political parties.

On the other hand, officials and representatives of political parties besides appreciating the innovation of the Ministry of Justice, consolidated their views and shared them with this ministry.


Moreover, at this meeting, Law Revision Committees on political parties and the Law on financing political parties in electoral campaigning were obliged to work on these laws with the aim of influencing the activities of political parties and their meaningful participation in elections and political activities.

Political Parties Law Revision and amendment Committees has been working on revising and amending this law since four months ago. The committee has prepared and drafted the law on political parties after conducting a comparative scrutiny and analysis of all internal and external laws pertinent to parties   with consideration of the reality and needs of Afghan society.

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