Duties and Responsibilities of Ministry of Justice of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Ministry of Justice is one of the central administrations of the government. Its main duties and responsibilities are listed categorically below:

• Preparing drafts of the laws and decrees of the President of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

 Expressing opinions regarding the conformity of legal and international contracts, conventions and external foreign agreements with the laws of the Afghanistan

• Requesting and studying views of the ministries and administrations regarding the drafts of the laws and regulations which are designed by them and completion of these laws and regulations with the help of specialists in the relevant ministries and administrations

• Providing legal advice to the ministries and government offices

• Defending from properties and benefits of the government and if necessary submit petitions against the debtors of the government

 Efforts in order to promote public rights awareness level

• Studying the statutes of the political parties and civil organizations, registration and issuance of official license to them

• Organizing the affairs related to the Legal Aids

• Organizing and issuing official license to the advocates, real estate and petition writers

• Printing and publication of legislative documents

• Legal processing of obtainment and relinquishment of citizenship as per the law on citizenship; 

• Registration of civil and commercial cases in cases management system.

• Cohesion of defense attorneys affairs and manner of their activities, issuance and renewing of their licenses. monitoring the activities of defense attorneys.

• Publication and propagation of legislative documents.

• Publication of registered trademarks and advertisements in the official gazette.

  •  Ministry of justice, carry out the responsibility of the directorate of usurpation of lands and restitution of the usurped lands commission

Laws and regulations which are directly related to the context of Ministry of Justice are as follows:


 Law on Government Cases, published in official gazette no 1115

• Advocates Law, published in official gazette no 934

 Real Estate Law, published in official gazette no 1238

• Law on Communities, published in official gazette no1114

• Law on Inspecting Petitions, published in official gazette no 786

 Law on publication method and enforcement of legislative documents of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, published in official gazette no 1313

 Law on rights and privileges of the cadre members of the legislation affairs institute official gazette 1216

 Law on Citizenship of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, published in the official gazette 792;

Regulations and Statutes:

 Regulation of organizing performances and activities of Ministry of Justice Afghanistan, published in the official gazette no 1350

• Statute of legislation affairs and scientific legal research institute 924

 Regulation of Legal Aids, published in the official gazette no 1355

• Regulation on Establishment and Registration Procedure of Associations in the official gazette no 1138

• Regulation on Cases Management System in the official gazette no1390


Procedure on the coordination of defense attorneys, 2022

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