Translation of Legislative Documents and Notarization of Translation of Legal Documents

General information:

The Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan holds the following duties and responsibilities in the area of translating legislative documents and notarizing the translation of legal documents:

1- Translation of laws, legislative decrees, regulations, statutes, amendments, additions, deletions, repeals or annexes to them and the legislative approvals of the cabinet of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the National Assembly in official languages of the country and, if necessary, in international languages.

2- Translation of the laws of other countries into one of the official languages if necessary.

3- Notarization of translation of legal documents upon request in accordance with the provisions of law.

4- The translation of legislative documents of other countries into the official languages of the country for the purpose of using it in legislative affairs. In addition to that, notarization of the correct translation of legal documents, which include identity cards, deeds, marriage certificates, divorce letters, bachelorhood certificate and educational documents, are the responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice carried out, by the Translation and Notarization of legal Documents Translations Department of this ministry.

The translation of legislative documents is rendered by Translation department in the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, while the notarization of legal documents translation is processed by the sub department of notarization of translations located in Shahr e Naw (in front of the Department of Hajj and Religious affair), and in Chaman Hozory (One-stop-shop) Kabul.

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