The Introduction of Mawlawi Abdul Ghani Faiq the Financial and Administrative Deputy Minister of Ministry of Justice

Place of Birth:.

Honorable mawalwi Abdul Gahni Faiq son of Merza was born in 1349SHC which corresponds to 1390LHC and 1971AD in religious mujahid fostering and cultural family in Kafter-khana village, Darayim district of Badakhshan province.


Primary Education and Skills:

Mawlawi Abdul Ghani Faiq same as other Grief-stricken countrymen had less access to the educations. He began the holly Quran, writing and primary recitation in his village and then he acquired the primary religious skills in Darayim district religious school, due to the lack of higher educations in the region he had been migrated to the Pakistan country and he acquired the higher educations in the named country.

Skills and Minor Course:

Mawlawi Abdul Ghani Faiq learned the skills and minor course in Pakistan country in separated religious schools such as Seraj-ul-Islam Kahi, Dar-al-uloom Zargari, Swat-religious schools and the Mirnansha-Manbe-al-uloom and his excellently learned up to the Hadith term (major course) in above mentioned religious schools.

Period of Prophetic Hadiths (major course)

Mawlawi Abdul Ghani Faiq had completed the major course on 1438LHC which corresponds to 1395SHC and 2017 AD in Dar-al-Quran, Hayat Abad of Pakistan and then he started the Academic, Jihadi and his intellectual services for the Islam and the country and he was presented to field of services as strong, wise scholar and Mujahed.

Responsibilities and Sservices in the Field of Jihad and Struggle:

Mawlawi Abdul Ghani Faiq was remain active in the jihad and combat and he carrying out different responsibilities and activities while learning the religious education and after his graduation which are mentioned bellow.

A: The Duties and Responsibilities in Previous Epoch of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan:

  1. As responsible for Badakhshan province Mujahidin’s in the Chahar-Asiab line at the previous epoch of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
  2. The commander of the second infantry military division of Pol-charkhi for 4 years in the last epoch of the Islamic Emirate.

B: The Duties and Responsibilities in 20 years after Collapse of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

After the collapse of the last epoch of the Islamic emirate and Mawlawi Abdul Ghani Faiq didn’t stop and began to coherent and organizes the Mujahidin against the American and western occupation and their puppets. He continued his Jihadi and combat activities up to conquest which are mentioned in below:

  1. As the member of central militant commission
  2. As the deputy governor of Badakhshan
  3. As the responsible central circle booty and the representative of the mujahidin of Badakhshan province
  4. And until the victory and re-sovereignty of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan he was the member of political office of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Qatar country.

C: The Responsibilities of Mr. Abdul Ghani Faiq after conquest:

The honorable mawlawi Abdul Ghani Faiq based on his tact, knowledge and complete intelligence along whit politics and governance he rendered the bellow responsibilities after leadership and conquest of Islamic emirate: 

  1. After the conquest as the governor of Badakhshan province.
  2. After the responsibility of the Badakhshan province Mawlawi Abdul Ghani Faiq was appointed as the financial and administrative deputy of the ministry of justice based on the decree number (204) date 2022/10/3 of the leader of the Islamic Emirate he’s excellency Ameer-al-momenin sheikh al-quran wal-hadith mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundazad (may Allah protect him), and now he is in-charge of the financial and administrative deputy of the ministry of justice.