Publications and Public Relations

General Information:

The Ministry of Justice holds the following duties and authorities in the field of publishing legislative documents, academic articles and trademarks:

Publication of laws, legislative decrees, regulations, statutes and amendments, additions, deletions, repeals or annexes thereto and legislative approvals of the Cabinet of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the National Assembly and the presidential decrees (that require publication), international treaties and conventions which are certified by the National Assembly in accordance with the provisions of the law and endorsed by the President of Afghanistan, trademarks and commercial specifications in the official gazette, website and relevant publication tools.

Publication of academic and legal articles in Adalat Magazine, website and other publication tools.

Publication of weeklies, brochures, posters and legal messages through radios, televisions and social networks for the purpose of legal awareness of citizens.

Distribution of official gazettes amongst ministries and government institutions as per the quota, and supply of official gazettes, in exchange of a specified price, to the demanders.

Updating the database of laws and other legislative documents, and publications tools, dissemination of work performances, meetings, reports and activities of the Ministry, managing and arranging relations with the media and providing information to the focal point of the Ministry for coordinating press affairs.

The above tasks are specifically conducted by the Department of Publications and Public Relations of this Ministry.

Legislative documents are published by the Department of Publications of the Ministry of Justice as per the law on processing of legislative documents.

Read the monthly, quarterly and annual reports of Publications and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Justice below:

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Quarterly report

Annual report