Free Legal Aid

General Information:

The Ministry of Justice has the following duties and authorities in the field of providing pro bono legal aid:

1- Providing legal advice to the destitute suspects, accused and convicts, and women and children in family cases;

2- Defending the rights of the destitute suspect, accused and convicts.

3- Defending the rights of children and women in family cases through appointment of a pro bono defense lawyer.

4- Conducting legal awareness programs for citizens.

Provision of free legal aid to the destitute suspects and accused in criminal cases and for women and children in civil cases is provided by the General Directorate of Legal Aid of this Ministry.

The purpose of providing these services to the destitute suspects and accused is, to defend their rights in accordance with Article 31 of the Constitution, Islamic values and human rights standards.

The indigent suspects and accused persons who wish to receive free legal aid, may be benefited of these services by submitting a written application, receiving a relevant form, and confirming their indigence, to the Legal Aid Directorate.

Legal aid providers, based on the Regulation of Legal Aid and the Law of Defense Lawyers may after meeting and interviewing the client, studying the attributed dossier, prepare grounds and defense statement for them, and defend their rights before the competent court.

The Directorate of Legal Aid of the Ministry of Justice, also for all citizens across the country provides free legal advice, through "188" telephone line.

Furthermore, the Public Legal Awareness of this department is in charge of informing citizens across the country about their rights and obligations as per the provisions of applicable laws of the country. This service is being provided to ensure justice in the society and to avoid the breach of law and injustice.

Legal awareness of citizens is provided by this department through media, brochures, community gatherings, district representative, security commandments, mosques and universities.

Read reports below, on the activities of the Ministry of Justice in providing free legal aid:

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