Introduction of Mr. Fazil Ahmad Manawi as Acting Minister of Justice

Mon, Sep 14 2020 7:13 PM

Esteemed Qazawatpooh Fazil Ahmad Manawi, appointed as the nominee and acting Minister of Justice as per the separate orders of the Office of President, was introduced today, during an official ceremony by H.E. Sarwar Danish, the second vice president. In this ceremony, a number of current and former officials of the Afghanistan government, the people's representatives in the National Assembly, deputy ministers, heads and employees of the Ministry of Justice, had participation.

The Second Vice President while introducing the acting Minister of Justice, called this ministry as a key and very important institution connecting the government with parliament and the judiciary. Meanwhile, he give emphasis to the fact that the Ministry of Justice plays an important role in shaping the big policies of the State.


Besides congratulating Fazil Ahmad Manawi as the acting Minister of Justice, he shad light that he enjoys good experience with the justice sector and wished him success in his new position.

Respected Qazawatpooh Fazil Ahmad Manawi the Acting Minister of Justice, made a commitment and expressed his strong will at this ceremony for bringing very in depth and important reforms and innovations. He considered the role of the Ministry of Justice in the legislative drafting affairs crucial, and added that Afghanistan is a rich country in terms of having laws. He also emphasized not to allow corruption and abuse of power, during his term in the position of minister of justice.


At the same time, he commended the former Minister of Justice for his accomplishments and endeavors during six-years in the capacity of minister of justice.

Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar, the former Minister of Justice, besides presenting the most important achievements of the ministry during the last six years, wished the new acting Minister of Justice, successes.


In this ceremony, Mr. Abdul Hakim Munib, the former Minister of Haj and religious affairs also delivered his speech and prayed for the success of the acting and nominated minister of Justice.

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