Human Rights Support Department

HRSU was established within the structure of Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in 2010 by the technical and financial support of UNDP. The unit started its activities based on a letter of agreement (LoA) between UNDP and MoJ. As the unit acts as an inter-ministerial mechanism, in 2011 HRSU establishment was approved by the council of the Ministers to enhance its legal basis.
HRSU staff consist national, government (MoJ) as well as international staff. HRSU started its journey with a mandate to improve the capacity of line ministries in order to fulfill their international human rights obligations through focus on the following functions:
- Review of national laws, policies and strategies in light of UN human rights treaties ratified by Afghanistan.
- Monitor the implementation of UN human rights treaties and follow-up on the recommendations of UN human rights monitoring mechanism.
- Conduct human rights training workshops and courses for the government officials to enhance their capacity to fulfill their national and international obligations.

Human Rights Support Unit (Ministry of Justice)