Brief introduction of sheikh Abdulkarim Haider deputy minister for professional affairs of ministry of justice Islamic emirate of Afghanistan

He was born on (1352) S.H in religious family in Gulran district of Hirat province.

Education background720

He accomplish his primary education in this village and learn different skills in different Islamic schools and he complete his minor course and major course in Hirat province, Pashtun zarghun district, Manzel village at Aljihad Darul Uloom in (1375) S.H.  


His first writing was in recitation knowledge; name of the book is (Rahiqul atshan fi Rawati alqran). This book is revised and commentates by grate scholars. Now it is taught in Raisri Madars in same year his other writing is in Elam ul tasawoof (lamuat ulfeker fi halqatu alziker), currently its inedited.

In (1376) S.H by consulting of information and culture he compose a book about the major difference among tashiu and tasanon.

Work experience

In same year he occupy as member of civilian and military administrations commission of west zone up to collapse of Islamic Emarat.

From (1381) S.H to (1382) S.H he taught different skills of minor course.

From (1382) S.H to (1386) S.H taught major courses and did Jahade services.

From (1386) S.H to (1391) S.H did Jahade services and carry out districts responsibilities.

From (1391) S.H to (1391) S.H he was deputy of Hirat province.

From (1394) S.H to (1398) S.H he was deputy of Badghis province.

From (1399) S.H to kabul conquest he was member of political office in Qatar country .

After conquest of Kabul he was commander of national battalion of west zone.

At the moment he is deputy minister for professional affairs of ministry of justice.