Instruction for Political Parties who refer to Registration of Political Parties and Social Organizations Department - Ministry of Justice

Instruction for Political Parties who refer to Registration of Political Parties and Social Organizations Department

An application letter subjected to Ministry of Justice:

This application is on behalf of founders or people who were granted the authority by founders, leadership board or Central Council of the party. 

Even though the leader of the party signs the application form, it is deemed necessary that recognition of the leader should be confirmed by the highest decision maker of the party or by the founder members through a signed confirmation letter. These signatories including the leader of the party shall be considered as applicants.

  • The name of the political party, address of the main office and the contact no. in one page.
  • Applicants’ full information (Name, father’s name, grandfather’s name, ID no or (Tazkira), place of issue, permanent address, current address, occupation, party rank, signature, (          )
  • Funding sources:
  • Symbol, slogan and various other distinguishing documents the identity of the party, symbol description (                )
  • Providing registration and party assets documents from Ministry of Finance.
  • Filling correctly the political party’s membership application form by the members (at least ten thousand forms)

Note: Below points shall be considered seriously while filling the forms.

  • Filling should be in a readable and well organized manner, should be neat and clean and dual pen usage should be avoided.
  • If a volunteer earning membership lives in suburbs, the name of the village, district and province should be written in front of the permanent and current addresses. If a volunteer earning membership lives in the city, the name of the residence in the city, police district and province should be written.
  • An authorized party’s employee who signs the footer of the form is approved by the party director shall be introduced officially to the department of political parties’ registration with his signature specimen.
  • The details of government or nongovernment organization in which the membership applicant is currently occupied should be written.
  • The photocopy of the ID card (Tazkira) or voting card must be attached with membership forms.
  • Presentation of party’s statute followed by party’s leader signature at the footer.  
  • Applicants’ biographies along with their signatures and photos.
  • Written commitment from relevant party regarding to military people, prosecutors, judges, Police and security officers, independent commission oversighting the implementation of constitution, human rights, independent elections commission and administrative reform commission of not having membership of the party.
  • Written commitment from party leader describing that he does not have any military force and will not have in the future as well.
  • Disarmament Demobilization Reintegration (DDR) Agreement.
  • In case if the party has a flag, it should be described.

Full Identification Form of Applicants

Application Form for Political Party Membership

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