Department of Human Resourecs

Upon the implementation of the new Pay and Grade System in 2008, the Human Resource (HR) Department of Ministry of Justice has been established. HR department acts independently in performing HR issues. Before the establishment of HR department, the Administrative and Financial Department of MOJ was in charge of all HR duties. HR department of MOJ performs all HR related issues of MOJ including developing and planning of organizational structures and recruitment up to evaluation of performances, trainings, issues related to personnel bio and retirement.
HR department consists of four directorates: Directorate of Recruitment, Directorate of Personnel Bio, Directorate of Administration Development and Directorate of Employees’ Liaison. Administrative Sub-directorate is part of its Tashkil as well. Currently, 35 employees are working in this Department.

Activities and Scope of Work:
HR department is in charge to administer, lead and manage all HR related issues of the ministry in center and provinces. HR Department shall specifically have the following duties and responsibilities:
- Implementation of administration reform with cooperation of working group of the ministry and guidance of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission;
- Implementation of laws, regulations, bills and guidelines related to civil services issues at its due time;
- Recruitment of qualified persons and professional cadres through competitive system by observance of competence and impartiality;
- Managing and supervising the civil servants performances evaluation process and making decisions on implementation and upcoming consequences in order to promote the steps in accordance with new pay and grade system;
- Creating personnel data and personal affairs files for civil servants of the ministry and processing all data in human resource database;
- Performing need assessment and its evaluation, developing plans  and implementing training programs to build capacities;
- Designing, arranging, organizing and developing the organization Tashkil based on the MOJ Strategy and internal needs;
- Implementation of the new Pay and Grade System at MOJ;
- Human resource planning at MOJ;
- Addressing the complaints of MOJ employees;
- Managing issues relating to health and safety of employees;
- Introducing employees to internal and external training programs;
- Specifying the load of departments works, determining the departments, analyzing duties and developing terms of references for all positions;
- Managing issues related to super skill salaries;

Laws regulating Human Resource Department’s affairs:
Laws regulating affairs of HR department shall include:
- Labor Law
- Civil Servants Law
- Code of conduct of civil servants
- Regulation on organizing civil servants positions;
- Regulation of civil servants personal affairs;
- Regulation on arranging of civil servants retirement;
- Regulation of scholarships.