Department of Publication and Public Relations - Ministry of Justice

Department of Publication and Public Relations


No doubt, publishing laws and making governmental and non-governmental institutions and the public aware of their provisions play a vital and effective role in their in-depth comprehension and better and inclusive implementation. Despite having a long history of legislation, our country has recently attained remarkable success in legislation.

Ministry of Justice takes it as a duty not to hesitate any efforts for regulating its activities within the framework of laws and printing and broadcasting them and will take any necessary steps needed to make citizens aware of the enforced laws in the country.

Therefore, the MOJ Publication and Public Relations Directorate based on article 5 of the (Law on regulating and publishing legislative documents and their enforcement) published in the Official Gazette (787) in the year 1420 Ah observes it as its duty to publish those legislative documents which are passed by the Parliament and are signed by the President for the purpose of public awareness. For further information to the laws’ contacts in the country, the following are a brief introduction of the official gazette:

  1. Official Gazette is the only official publication of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan where the following legislative documents are being published based on article Five of the Law on regulating and publishing legislative documents:

Government’s declarations, approvals, laws, regulations, statutes, approvals of Ministers’ Council with legislative nature, contracts, agreements, conventions, covenants, approvals of the Supreme Court and other issues which are required to be published lawfully. In addition, courts’ trademarks and documents registration stamps so that to inform official and non-official administrations in the country of these trademarks and stamps.


  1. The MOJ Publication Authority’s ADALAT Monthly Magazine:

A professional Magazine containing scientific and legal issues to be used by scholars and other concerned individuals within the academic field

  1. The Legal Awareness Monthly Magazine: printing and publishing legal awareness news and other books based on MoJ policy for the purpose of enlightening public mind sets
  2. Distribution of all legislative documents published in the Official Gazette and also other publications to the Ministries, governmental and non-governmental institutions in the capital and provinces up to district level
  3. Establishing legal libraries in the provinces and providing stalls for selling the Official Gazette, Justice Magazine, and other MOJ publications
  4. Providing Administrative services and  performing duties which are in accordance with the policy of the Ministry
  5. Subscribing newspapers, bulletins of institutions and international organizations so that to get aware of national and international events


Job Description of the MoJ Directorate of Publication and Public Relations Director:

  1. Managing and leading publication affairs’ arrangements in accordance with the MoJ core aims and policies
  2. Arranging long-term action plans of Publication Directorate in line with the Ministry’s basic aims and strategy
  3. Managing and leading Publication Directorate through proposals, offering consultations, necessary guidelines, and work delegation according to the principle aims and requirements of the administration
  4. Assisting and guiding staff of the directorate to draft and develop short term and long term action plans
  5. Monitoring implementation of action plans and laws’ printing process, staff performances, and information regarding duty problems and barriers
  6. Establishing relations and coordinating activities with  the publishing organs and the media in order that to be aware of their progress and attain their experiences
  7. Holding working meetings for transferring new experiences to the staff
  8. Participating  in the Ministry’s leadership meetings to reflect work related problems and receive  approvals and instructions of the Minister
  9. Receiving activity reports of the directorate’s offices, and analyzing, integrating, and presenting them to the Minister