Department of Publication and Public Relations

Department of Publication and Public Relations is one of the central Departments of Ministry of Justice. MoJ is the concessionaire of Official Gazette. Based on the decree of article 40 of procedure, publish and enforcement of legislative documents law, following the signature or after they have been considered signed based on the article 94 of constitution, MoJ is bound to publish laws, legislative decrees and international legal documents with which Afghanistan is joint with to aware officials, government and non-government employees and all other citizens.

The Department includes 2 Directorates and 2 Management.

  • Directorate of Official Gazette,
  • Directorate of Public Relations,
  • Library Management,
  • Administrative Management,

Main duties of Department of Publication and Public Relations

  • Arrangement, print and publication of legislative documents in the Official Gazette,
  • Arrangement, print and publication of trademarks and documents registration signs,
  • Coherence of press affairs,
  • Arrangement, print and publication of Adalat Magazine and Legal Awareness Monthly,
  • Subscription in Newspapers and Bulletins of other administrations and international NGOs,
  • Establish relations and coordination with publication institutions and media,
  • Present information to the information applicants,
  • Provision of relations with media,
  • Website and social pages (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) operation.

Department of Official Gazette:

Official Gazette is the only official publication of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Based on decree of article 44 of procedure, publish and enforcement of legislative documents law, the following legislative documents are published in Official Gazette and distributed to all central and provincial administrations.

  • Law, amendment, addition, repeal, removal of decrees, decrees of I.R.A based on signature and approval of the National Council houses about it,
  • Legislative decrees of the government,
  •  Treaties, agreements, international covenants, supplementary protocols and international rights documents verified by National Council, decree of the President of I.R.A based on signature and approval of National Council houses about them,
  • Decrees, amendment, addition, repeal and removal of its decrees,
  • Regulation, amendment, addition, repeal and removal of its decrees and governments’ approvals regarding it,
  • Statue, amendment, addition, repeal and removal of its decrees and government’s approval regarding it,
  • Government’s approvals having legislative nature,
  • Amendment procedure, addition, repeal and removal of its decrees and approval of office in-charge about it,
  • Registered specifications and trademark,

This Department includes 3 Administrations:

  • Print and trademark Administration:
  • Distribution and sale Administration:
  • Adalat Magazine Administration:

Print and Advertisement Management

  • Obtaining soft copy of legal documents to print and publish in official Gazette of Ministry of Justice (MOJ)
  • Obtaining hard and soft copy of advertisements from Central Public Registration Directorate of Ministry of Commerce and Industry and print them after rectification.
  • Obtaining soft copy of Adalat Monthly Magazine and Agahi Hoqoqi (Legal awareness) Monthly Magazine for printing

Sales and Distribution Management

  • -Free distribution of official gazettes according to free quota table
  • -Free distribution of official gazettes/Enforced laws (Government offices, private sectors and individuals can officially request for official gazettes. After decree of ministry, according to existing facilities they can receive the official gazettes for free.)
  • Selling official gazettes/enforced laws (Applicant can buy official gazettes/enforced laws)
  • Distribution of official gazettes to cash subscribers (government and non-government offices and individuals can subscribe annually for official gazettes)

Adalat Magazine Management

Adalat monthly magazine is a specialized journal of MOJ that publishes scientific and legal articles for researchers and scholars and other people who are interested in scientific-legal fields.

Publication and Public Relation department:

This department operates based on National Communication Strategy of National Unity Government (year March 21, 2015-March 21, 2016), MOJ Communication Strategy (year 21 March, 2017-March 21, 2018), MOJ’s Law and Justice Strategy, Law of Access to Information and Mass Media Law. This department works as spokesperson and Ministry of Justice's Public Outreach Office.

Prepare information for information applicants, manage website and social media pages, write minister’s speech, provide information to medias and conduct press conferences are basic duties of this department.


Awareness Methods Of This Department:

  • Conduct press conferences
  • Talking to medias
  • Replying emails
  • Preparing newsletters
  • Publishing on website
  • Publishing on social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)
  • Distributing information applicant forms
  • Direct communication with individuals

Participate in social, civil, cultural and media programs. 

Library Management:

The management of the library is to set, keep and protect the library affairs. Recognizing the needs of library, monitoring the books and monitoring the distribution of Legal Awareness Gazette, newspapers and other publications are the basic duties of this management.

Administrative management:

Administrative services and the duties based on policies of the ministry is the responsibilities of administrative management.