The Internal Inspection Department of the Ministry of Justice was conceived and established in the Ministry of Justice pursuant to Paragraph 11 of decree 8, dated 12/11/1383, from the Council of Ministers. According to Article 11 and 14 of the Inspection and Control Law and its charter, the following duties of the Internal Inspection Department are enumerated:


  • To inspect budget expenditure reports issued by the governmenr.
  • To inspect the observance of the applicable financial, economic and professional laws of the country in the development of internal structures and budgets of governmental institutions.
  • To inspect the revenues, expenditures and overall utilization of government properties.
  • To inspect performance of the relevant offices of the Ministry of Justice and instruct them to improve work while in observance of the law.
  • To prevent violations and promote equal implementation of the law.


Article 12

The Internal Inspection Department, as a unit within the Ministry of Justice, operates under direct supervision of the Minister and rank level 1 officials of the Ministry of Justice while simultaneously cooperating with the Control and Inspection (“C & I) Department to inspect financial, economic and professional affairs.

At the time of establishment, the C & I Departments had 17 staff in its organizational structure and Saranpaal Mohammadi Sharifi was the first person to be appointed as the departmental head. This department started its activities with the help of 6 administrative and professional staff and during this initial period, the C & I Department has developed short and long-term plans to carry out its duties in an organized manner.

This department is working collaboratively with Internal Inspection Unit of the President’s Office on a plan, which was approved by the Ministry of Justice, to evaluate 21 provinces in the country. It is worth mentioning that the C & I Department has developed its Terms of Reference consistent with the law, regulations and charter of the C & I Department and has presented it to the relevant authorities for approval.

It is worth mentioning that in May-June of the current year, the administrative and civil services reform process was applied on this department and, based on the approval of the Administrative and Civil Services Reform Commission, three working groups were established. These working groups are comprised of members of the Professional and Technical Board which are 8 rank level 2 members, the System Board comprised of 8 rank level 2 members and the Research and Scrutiny Board consisting of 4 rank level 2 members. In addition to the aforementioned boards, there are administrative sections such as general sub-directorate of correspondence which utilizes 24 administrative staff. It should be noted that of the aforementioned rank levels, 19 out of 24 of these members have been selected through process of open competition set up by Administrative and Civil Services Reform Commission.


Terms of Reference for Head of Inspection Department, Rank Level 1

  • To better coordination of the Inspection Department tasks.
  • To supervise and control all sections of the department.
  • To take timely actions pertaining issues related to the department.
  • To present reports to high authorities of the Ministry.
  • To provide instruction, cooperate and evaluate issue of various sections of the department.
  • To participate in administrative and leadership meetings.


Terms of Reference for Executive Inspectors Board, Rank Level 2

  • To evaluate work system of the departments of Ministry of Justice according to their developed plan.
  • To assess failures and shortcomings in the implementation of plans.
  • Evaluate work procedures of departments.
  • To prepare work reports through this board to Research and Scrutiny Board.
  • To participate in decision making meetings of departments according to the instruction of the head.


Terms of Reference for Research and Scrutiny Board, Rank Level 2

  • To study and evaluate reports pertaining work achievements of various departments submitted to it by system and technical board inspectors.
  • To participate in decision making meetings to prepare reports to high ranking authorities of the Ministry.


Terms of Reference for Correspondence Sub-directorate, Rank Level 3

  • To control and supervise units of the sub-directorate.
  • To send and receive documents to/from relevant sections after registration.
  • To receive letters sent to the Inspection Department from various sources.
  • To keep and maintain classified documents of the department in the sub-directorate.


Terms of Reference for Correspondence Clerk, Rank Level 4

  • To process and organize all documents of the department.
  • To computerize the documents.
  • To cooperate in all other affairs of the office.
  • To perform tasks assigned to him/her.


Terms of Reference for Correspondence Clerk, Rank Level 5

  • To liaise between the department and other offices.
  • To assist in official works of the office.
  • To perform tasks assigned to him/her.

It is to be noted that another terms of reference has been developed based on the previous organizational structure and has been sent, after confirmation from Taqnin Department, to the Correspondence Unit of the Office of the Minister for approval by the leadership council of the Ministry.

Also, the Law of the Inspection Department has been mentioned in Official Gazette number 798 of the year 1422 from page 74 to 88. In addition, the mentioned Official Gazette talks about the Regulation of the Inspection Department in pages 211-223. This Official Gazette is available in the Publications Department and relevant committees may use it