Department of Policy and Planning


Although the Policy and Planning Making has a long history in the world, in Afghanistan unlike other countries, this positive phenomenon has been relatively less considered. However, upon the new changes in the country, governmental organizations focused more on this issue. Among other organizations, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) with appointment of Qanoonpoh Mr. Sarwar Danish as the Minister of Justice, focused on the Planning and Policy Making issues. At the beginning, this important task in MOJ was part of Planning and Statistics sub-department and had no considerable contribution in performing the Planning and Policy making on institutional level. This sub-directorate was promoted, first to Planning Department and then to its current structure as Directorate of Policy and Planning. 

The Need for Policy and Planning Department

The Ministry of Justice established the Policy and Planning Affairs based on needs of the Ministry to develop and implement the MOJ’s Five Years Strategy in line with Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS). The Policy and Planning Directorate has close coordination with ANDS office in order to ensure the development of policies and strategies based on needs of the ministry and people in collaboration with other government and international organizations. The Policy and Planning Department also monitor Ministry’s development projects and produce reports in accordance with activities of MOJ as well as Afghanistan National Development Strategy.


Policy and Planning Department shall have a technical cooperative role for the Ministry of Justice leadership especially to the Minister of Justice in strategic management and decision making processes.


- Designing and developing policies related MOJ affairs

- Analyzing MOJ and Justice Sector Strategy

- Designing and preparing MOJ’s development projects, proposing them to government, and deriving international organizations support

- Providing technical advisory services on planning and reporting system to central and provincial justice departments,

- Classifying and denoting the needs of MOJ units in the center and provinces considering the anticipated priorities in line with MOJ Five years strategic plan

- Developing Management Information System (MIS Database) for MOJ’s development projects.

Major duties 

- Compile and consolidate MOJ different Directorates’ plans and submit them to senior management/authorities and related offices

- Prepare Planning guidelines, collect information and planning indicators and send them to central departments and secondary units

- Prepare operational plans (action plans) for strategy and prepare procedures for administrative reforms and combating corruption in the Ministry of Justice.

- Gather statistics and other requirements for designing and developing Ministry’s development plans

- Designing development plans based on information, preplanned numbers and indicators gathered from central and provincial justice departments, moreover, defending MOJ’s development budget before the related sources (Government Budget Committee)

- Preparing proposals for development projects in accordance with MOJ’s strategy

- Collecting, consolidating and analyzing reports of the implementation of work plans of MOJ’s national and sub-national departments

- Coordinating and supervising the implementations of plans and providing reports to related authorities

- Attending in inter-ministerial technical meetings related to planning and policy making

- Coordinating and keeping continuous contact with Afghanistan National Development Strategy office in order to remain focused on the Afghanistan National Development Strategy.