Dr. Abdul Basir “Anwar” Minister of Justice, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan - Ministry of Justice

Dr. Abdul Basir “Anwar” Minister of Justice, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Name: Dr. Abdul Basir “Anwar”

Son of: Abdul Qayoom

Date of Birth:  1952 Gregorian

Resident of: Jabalsaraj , Parwan Province

Native language :  Dari

Marital status: Married (one son and two daughters)

Educational Background

Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic (Shahadatul alemia fee Aulumel Islamia wal Arabia1998, Multan), Master,s Degree in  Political and Administration Sciences– Islamic Academy of Science and Technology– (Peshawar) 1990, MD (Equivalent to Mastery) in General Medicine of the faculty of Medicine – Kabul 20/January/1978, Graduated from Naderia High School– Kabul 1969.


Dari, Pashto, English and Urdu

Previous Jobs:

Consultant to the President in Social Affairs from 2012 to 2015, Deputy Minister of Public Health and Acting Minister of Public Health 1996 – Kabul, Member of high council of leadership of Islamic State of Afghanistan –Kabul, Consultant to the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 1995 – Kabul,  Consultant to the Premiership of Islamic State of Afghanistan 1992 to 1994–Kabul, Member of Commissions for Drafting and Approval of  interim Constitution of  Islamic State of Afghanistan -1993, Special envoy of  the President of Afghanistan in National and International Conferences 1997-2001, Representative of the Interim Islamic state of Afghanistan in OIC 1991– Bandung of Indonesia,

Member of the Elections Commission of the Interim State of Afghan Mujahedeen 1986– 1990, Member of the interim Constitution codification commission 1986-1990, Member of the leadership Council of Islamic Unity of Afghan Mujahedeen, Director General of Public Health (Interim state of Mujahedeen) and the Member of steering board and Director of public health of Hizbi Islami, Instructor and head of Islamic Culture Department of Islamic University of Afghanistan.

Social Occupations

Member of the director’s board of Islamic Academy of Science And Technology- Peshawar, Member of Conciliation board amongst Mujahedeen Groups- Peshawar and Kabul, Member of steering board in Cyprus for establishment of peace in Afghanistan- Cyprus, Member of Steering board for peace and national unity gathering of Afghanistan– Peshawar, Member of Cyprus Session board in Bonn Conference 2001 for Afghanistan – Bonn Germany.