Minister's Office

The Directorate of the Special Pen (the Office of the Secretariat)was the first component of the Ministry of Justice which was working to ensure relations between Ministry of Justice and other ministries, independent departments, institutions and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

In Sunbula 1363, during the government of President Babrak Karmal, the leadership of the Ministry of Justice decided to create a new post (of the so-called 5th Rank) under the title of “Confidential Documents Officer” within theDirectorate of the Special Pen. The Confidential Documents Officer was responsible to organize and follow up documents, decisions of government and the Council of Ministers, and special official letters. Mr. Mohammad Kabir was appointed as the first Confidential Document Officer to carry out the following duties:

  • To register and issue special letters.
  • To register and implement decisions of the government and Council of Ministers
  • To Compile and send reports to office of the president of the time.
  • To implement orders, official letters and other guidelines and decisions of the ministry leadership.

Based on the need of the time, Directorate of Documents and relations and Directorate of Correspondence established are also added to this Directorate.

Finally, in 1371 during the government of Mujahiddin it was further expanded and promoted to Department of Correspondence. Mr Baz Mohammad Khan was appointed as the first head of this Department. That department was comprised of three directorates (general directorate of documents and relations, general directorate of the special pen and directorate of foreign relations). All three of these directorates were functioning within this single department. In 1375 during Taliban regime, a fourth component, the General Directorate of Applications was also added to this department and functioned up to the year 1384.

However, in 1385, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan reformed the entire Directorate of Correspondence into today’s Office of the Minister. At that time, Mr. Jamal Khan was appointed as the head of this department and has been working very successfully and sufficiently in this Office since in an effort to improve the Office’s efficiency. One such change has been to reform the so-called “General Directorate of the Special Pen” into the “General Directorate of Documents and Relations” while removing entirely the foreign relation operations department.

And also Directorate of Media and Minister’s Spokesman are also essential components of Office of Minister.

The followings are Duties and Responsibilities of the Office of Minister:

  • Coordinate relations according to policies of the ministry.
  • Ensure official written communication with ministries, governmental departments and other institutions through relevant units.
  • Send and receive special letters and guidelines of the Minister and his deputies to relevant authorities after entry in registry log-book.
  • Receive confidential and special letters sent by other departments and present them to minister and his deputies and act as per their instructions.
  • Receive files, letters seeking instruction and proposals coming to Ministry and implement them after getting relevant instructions.
  • Follow up that orders of the minister are implemented.
  • Dissemination of orders of the minister to relevant branches in center as well as in provinces.
  • Take orders and instructions of the minister and send them out to relevant authorities.
  • Compile activity reports from all departments of Ministry of Justice and analyze and evaluate monthly, quarterly, and annual activity reports and improve them.
  • Develop meeting of the ministry, organize meetings of ministry leadership, and participate to these meeting as a secretary.
  • Organize decisions of meetings of the leadership of Ministry of Justice and dispatch them to relevant authorities.
  • Organize documents and facilitate meeting with minister.
  • Control and monitor all subordinate offices.