Human Rights Support Unit of MoJ Holds a Meeting to finalize the Action Plan of the Recommendations of International Conventions of Human Rights

November 4th 2018

In this session, His Excellency- Sayed Mohammad Hashimi, the Deputy Minister (Admin), Mr. Ahmad Maseeh Haami, Acting Head of Human Rights Support Unit (HRSU) of Ministry of Justice and the representatives of the relevant departments, were the participants.

First, the Deputy Minister of Justice, speaking on the issue, said, “The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has acceded to seven international conventions on human rights and two optional protocols of the child rights convention. Therefore, it is obliged to implement those conventions and report to the observatory organizations of the United Nation about their implementation.

He requested the representatives of the departments to carefully revise the action plan and share their opinions and suggestions for the finalization of this draft.

Mr. Ahmad Masseh Haami, Aacting Head of HRSU MoJ, spoke on the issue and asked the representatives of the departments to share their implementation of the recommendations reports, with HRSU.

Then, Mr. Mohammad Ayob Dawlatzada, technical member of HRSU, shared a presentation on the draft of the action plan of the recommendations.

At the end, the participants expressed their suggestions and recommendations about the draft of the action plan besides possible challenges in the implementation.

Afghanistan, after presenting the report on the implementation of the conventions, has received a number of recommendations from the observatory committees of the United Nations. Thus, the HRSU MoJ, in cooperation with the relevant organizations, has prepared the draft of the action plan of the recommendations, and the aim of today’s meeting had been also to share this action plan in order to finalize it, taking into account the implemented and the new recommendations.