Memorandum of Understanding on Provision of Awareness between Ministry of Justice and Zarnigar Media Production

October 10th 2018

His Excellency Mohammad Qasim Haleemi- the Deputy (Technical) Minster of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and Mr. Mohammad Arif Azeemi- Head of Arif Azeem Group, signed this MoU on Sunday in the meetings hall of Ministry of Justice.

On the basis of this MoU, Zarnigar Media Production undertakes to prepare, in the form of a video clip, the telephone number of MoJ Center for Legal Advices, and will broadcast the clip in its cable networks for free of charge. MoJ Center for Legal Advices via its telephone No. 188, provides legal advices to the citizen, from 08AM until 04PM.

His Excellency, Mohammad Qaism Haleemi- the Deputy (technical) Minister, in the ceremony of signing the MoU said, “The cost of this MoU has been estimated Afs 1,600,000/- (one million and six hundred thousand Afghanis) which will be paid by the Arif Azeem Group. The Deputy Minister of Justice said, “From now onwards, apart from other methods, this ministry plans to provide legal advices, via the cable networks as well”.

The Deputy Minister (technical) said that at present the ministry is providing free legal advice to the citizens via telephone No.188 of the Center for Legal Advices. Besides, the legal awareness providers of the Ministry of Justice are trying to raise the awareness on legal issues through universities, schools, mosques, rehabilitation centers, and prisons, as well as through audio, video and print media. He said that this ministry plans to collect the legal questions of the citizens asked via telephone No.188 from the responsible persons of the center, and after preparing their respective answers, would compile in the form of a legal handbook, and then publish it. He thanked Azeem Group for its cooperation and hoped for their cooperation with the Minsitry of Justice in the future.

Mr. Mohammad Arif Azeemi, head of Azeem Group, also spoke in this the occasion, and said that cooperation with regard to legal awareness is one of their social responsibilities. He said that as a responsible institution, he is ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Justice on providing legal advices.

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