Zabihualla Kaleem, Officially Assumes the Position of Directorate General State Cases of Ministry of Justice

October 6th 2018

His Excellency, Mohammad Qaism Haleemi, Deputy Minister (Technical) of Ministry of Justice, introduced Zabihualla Kaleem, as Director General of State Cases of Ministry of Justice in an official ceremony yesterday. The acting Director General of State Cases, other directors and the staff members of the General Directorate of the State Cases participated in this occasion.

First, Khwaja Ahmadullah Sedeeqi- the acting Director General of State Cases, congratulated the appointment of Mr. Kaleem and briefed about his background.

At the same time, Mr. Kaleem expressed his gratitude for the trust rendered to him by the Ministry of Justice and spoke on the significance and position of the Directorate General of the State Cases. He promised to combat against the corruption and try his best to recover the government owned lands and restore the financial interests of the country.

His Excellency, the Deputy Minster (Technical) of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, appreciated the performances and integrity of Mr. Kaleem, the new General Director of the State Cases. The Deputy Minster assured the staff members of the Director General of the State Cases of the competence and abilities of Mr. Kaleem. He expressed optimism that by joining of Mr. Kaleem, better mechanisms will be imposed to restore the usurped lands and properties of the government.

At the end, His Excellency, the Deputy Minister and other participants, accompanied Mr. Kaleem to his office.

Mr. Kaleem has completed his bachelor’s education in the Faculty of Law and Sharia of Al-Azhar University, Egypt. He has his Master’s degree on Law, from California University, United States of America. He has worked in different justice capacities with United Nations as well as the Rule of Law and Human Rights Section of United Nations in Sudan.