Ministry of Justice Holds its Forth Consultative Meeting on the Draft Strategy in Kabul


The Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan held its foruth consultative meeting on the draft strategy of this ministry in Kabul in presence of her excellency, Dr. Zakia Adeli- Deputy (Social Affairs) of the Ministry, Ruhullah Qarizada- Head of Independent Bar Association of Afghanistan, Aziza Adalatkhwa- Director General of Legal Aid of the ministry, Shah Wali Atayee- Head of Planning and Policy, Supervisor of Gender Unit of the Ministry, Head of Huqooq of Kabul, Head of Women’s Huqooq of the Ministry of Women Affairs, Heads of Justice of 20 provinces, representatives of civil society, advocates and the activists of human rights. This meeting was convened in financial and technical support of the Rule of Law, Office of the German International Cooperation (GIZ). The new strategy of the ministry is planned to be codified for the next five years (1398- 1402).

Dr. Zakia Adeli- the Deputy Minister (Social) expressing gratitude for the cooperation of Rule of Law GIZ, emphasized on important issues such as the importance of the strategic plan and its role on the Annual Action Plan, and thanked for the participation of all staff of the ministry in codifying the strategy. She said that the ministry of justice has been the guardian and protector of rule of law, that is why, instead of expecting others, we should be the first examples of implementing the rule of law. She said, “We need to have an accurate pathology of the previous strategy, what percentage of it was successful, and therein was not successful, what were the reasons of its failure, so that in the light of it we can develop an effective strategy. She underlined the significance of the place of human rights in the structure of the Ministry of Justice by means of expanding the tashkeel of the legal aid, and careful monitoring of activities of political parties. She said that more attention needs to be paid on these in the new strategy.

Ms. Ana, deputy of Rule of Law GIZ referred to centennial cooperation of the government of Germany with Afghanistan. She assured the continuation of cooperation with the Ministry of Justice in institutionalizing the access of people to justice.

Mr. Shah Wali- Head of Planning and Policy of Ministry of Justice spoke on the objectives of the consultative meeting and highlighted the need of codifying the strategic plan for the Ministry of Justice. He said that the strategy was one of the effective organizing tools for the Ministry of Justice so that the ministry can manage its activities accordingly.

Following that, Mr. Zabihullah Jawad- Advisor to Policy and Strategy affairs of the Ministry of Justice, presented the findings of the evaluation of the previous strategy (1393 – 1397) which he had conducted in the seven provinces of the northern zone as a model. It is expected that the findings would be used in the developing of the new strategy of the ministry.

Then, the participants were divided into groups for discussion, and each group presented its views on developing the new strategy. The suggestions and the views of the participants were collected and will be used in developing the new strategy.

At the end of the first day of the meeting, Mr. Ruhullah Qarizada- Head of the Independent Bar Association of Afghanistan, expressed thanks for the initiative of the Ministry for involving all partners of the Ministry of Justice and the partner institutions in codifying this strategy.

On the second day, after presenting the group works and open discussions, His Excellency, Sayed Mohammad Hashimi- Deputy Minister of Justice (Admin & Finance), while concluding the meeting, expressed appreciation for cooperation of the GIZ, and spoke on various matters such as solving the problems of the State Cases, expanding the tashkeel of the Justice Departments after an accurate evaluation of needs, strengthening coordination with relevant agencies, applying alternatives to incarceration, presence of more women in the tashkeel of the ministry, in particular, in provinces, and said that these matters should be considered in developing the new strategy.

At the end, he emphasized on participation of the Heads of Justice departments in the meetings of the provincial commissions on preventing violence and commission of combat against the smuggling of humans and other relevant meetings.