Minister of Justice Emphasizes on Establishment of Regional Cooperation to Combat Transnational Crimes at the Sixth Conference of Justice Ministers of Member States of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

His Excellency Dr. Abdul Basir Anwar- Minister of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, participated in this conference on the invitation of the acting Justice Minister of the Republic of Kirgizstan, emphasized on the issues related to the conference, including the need for regional cooperation to combat transnational crimes. He said that pursuant to the regional cooperation and combat against international terrorism and transnational crimes, it is expected that extensive cooperation be provided in the area of rehabilitation of children encouraged by the criminal circles of terrorism to carry on suicide attacks. He further added that rehabilitation and correction of delinquent children (suspected, accused or convicted to crimes against internal and external security) and their reintegration to the society as healthy and sound persons, and to avoid trafficking in person and migrants smuggling are some of the issues requiring cooperation of regional countries. He expressed hope that via the platform of this conference, those countries that destabilize the region and the world by means of terrorism to obtain gains, should be advised to refrain incendiaries with an aim to achieve their imaginary profits.

The Minister of Justice provided information that they have taken within their capacity, significant measures so far in the area of development of legal frameworks to combat gigantic dangers of the world such as terrorism, crimes against humanity and human trafficking.

The conference of the Ministers of Justice of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, this time was convened in Chalpan Ata city, Kirgizstan, with an aim to facilitate exchange of views and experiences amongst the Ministers of Justices of members states, multilateral cooperation to combat international threats such as terrorism and also, the establishment of a legal commission of member states of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

It is mention worthy that representatives of the Peoples Republic of China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, are the principle members of this organization While the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia, attended the conference as the observer members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.