Ministry of Justice Convenes in Western Zone Third Consultative Meeting on Draft Strategy

September 12th 2018

Ministry of Justice (MoJ) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, as a responsible governmental entity, considers its duty to provide quality and equal legal services to all citizens of the country. That is why, it has codified “Law and Justice" strategy considering its strategic goal “strengthening justice system and providing quality justice and legal services”. To realize these goals, this ministry has designed and implemented comprehensive and effective programs resulting into improvement of access to justice by people, enhancement of level of public trust to government and their satisfaction on justice and legal services of Ministry of Justice.

Now that we are at the deadline threshold of implementation of the mentioned strategy, Ministry of Justice with financial and technical support of GIZ Rule of Law, has conducted consultative forums in six zones of the country with an aim to codify the new strategy observing the principle of participation of justice departments and partner agencies so that the next quinquennial strategy (2019-2023) is prepared to perform effective things on the way of access of people to justice. In this regard, a consultative meeting conducted in Herat on September 11th and 12th, 2018 in cooperation with colleagues of justice departments of western zone provinces (Herat, Badghis, Farah, Nimrooz and Ghor) and partner agencies (esteemed representative of Herat courts directorate, esteemed directors of women affairs of the western zone provinces, esteemed representative of independent bar association, esteemed representative of civil society and legal expert of Herat provincial office) in presence of Mr. Shah Wali Attaye- director planning and policy of Ministry of Justice, Mrs. Anna- Advisor to the Rule of Law GIZ, Mr. Zabiullah Jawad- advisor to policy and strategy affairs of Ministry of Justice and Rule of Law GIZ colleagues.

At the outset, the director plan and policy of Ministry of Justice besides welcoming participants, stated that sharing views and comments to codify the strategy is of immense importance to implement the plans and programs pertinent to Ministry of Justice. He provided all-rounded information on specific concepts such as policy and strategy, their need and role to provide quality justice services, thus he expressed wish for the success of the staff of justice departments and other partner agencies.

Following that, Mrs. Ana advisor to Rule of Law GIZ talked about the long lasted friendship and collaboration of Germany with Afghanistan and touched upon cooperation of this section with Ministry of Justice towards better access of people to justice.

Zabiullah Jawad policy and strategy advisor to Ministry of Justice presented to participants the summary of findings related to assessment of the previous strategy (2014-2018) conducted by him in seven north zonal provinces. He highlighted the main points of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats to a strategy assessment and discussed useful criticisms and constructive suggestions for the betterment and further execution of the strategy of Ministry.

The participants were divided into five working groups and answered to the questions prepared in advance by plan and policy directorate and Rule of Law GIZ and their useful views would then be used in the development of MoJ new strategy.

At the end of the first day, Mr. Hotak justice director of Badghis province wrapped up the discussed issues and thanked Ministry of Justice and Rule of Law GIZ for this initiative.

The second day was concluded by provision of the outcome of working groups by group representatives, making questions by program facilitators, answering and open discussions amongst participants.

At the end, Mr. Gulam Muhamad Rahmani, justice director of Herat province concluded subject matters discussed during two days program and thanked for the sage and judicious initiative of Ministry of Justice, directorate planning and policy and the Rule of Law GIZ.

Mr. Rahmani further stated “the Ministry of Justice with an aim to ensure accessibility of the upcoming  strategy for all staff of provincial justice departments, need to consider creation of a monitoring mechanism for implementation of strategy, making the activities included in strategy obligatory, compliance of the annual plan with strategy, publication of the strategy and its distribution amongst all staff, holding awareness and outreach programs regarding the strategy, delegation of further financial authorities to justice departments, creation of a mechanism guaranteeing the implementation of strategy, observance of gender principle and women’s participation at all levels of the departments, amendment and revision of laws related to performances of Ministry of Justice, raising salaries of colleagues and observing fairness in salary scales, enhancement of coordination between justice departments and partner agencies, publication and distribution of the required laws amongst colleagues, expansion in the structural formation of justice departments, incorporation of comments presented in consultative meetings into the context of upcoming strategy and other points concluded by working groups and then develop its quinquennial strategy.