New Initiative of Ministry of Justice in the area of Giving Awareness

September 11th, 2018

Ministry of Justice aims to conduct forums under the name of “Assessing Performed Tasks of Ministry of Justice” in public and private universities. Based on this, Mohammad Aman Riazat- Spokesperson to the Ministry of Justice provided some information to more than 100 students of law faculty and other faculties of Adraak Higher Educational Institute Yesterday on duties and responsibilities of Ministry of Justice and the tasks performed during last three years by this ministry. Besides the above-mentioned information, he also provided responses to the questions and concerns of students.

Vice chancellor- academic affairs, vice chancellor- students affairs, law faculty dean, lecturers and students of law faculty and other faculties were the participants of this forum.

Mohammad Aman Riazat- Spokesperson to the Ministry of Justice talked about duties and responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice and said: we believe that people, especially students need to understand the responsibilities and authorities of governmental institutions so that on the one hand in the light of it they solve their problems and on the other hand, assess performances of this institution in an appropriate way. He stated that Ministry of Justice is one of the key institutions of the government. This ministry had had important and responsible role in reforms process of government and giving practical shape to the commitments of Afghanistan to international community during three years of establishment of national unity government. He pointed out that Ministry of Justice is not only a legislative and law implementing institution but is a Justice institution with specific responsibilities.

He added that preparing draft laws and presidential decrees, drafting, scrutinizing and processing legislative documents, implementation of recommendations of conventions acceded to by Afghanistan in legislative instruments of this country, publishing legislative documents and traded marks in the official gazette. Correcting delinquent juveniles, addressing legal petitions and dossiers of citizens in estate cases, debts, implementation of final decisions of the courts in legal and civil cases, defending state properties and financial interests before the courts, providing pro bono legal aid services to the indigent accused, legal awareness, examining and processing renunciation and acquirement of citizenship applications and registration of political parties, social organizations,  property dealers and petition writers are amongst the specific responsibilities that Ministry of Justice undertakes considering its jurisdiction and capabilities. Besides the above, Ministry of Justice also has the responsibility for chairmanship and secretariat affairs of High Commission to Combat Trafficking in Person and Migrants Smuggling. This commission is formed of 16 governmental and non- governmental institutions and has specific duties and authorities in accordance with the law.

Mr. Riazat, also talked about tasks performed by this Ministry and said that Ministry of Justice for the purpose of carrying out its responsibilities, has conducted significant activities such as: Unprecedented achievements achieved by this ministry in the area of scrutinizing and processing of legislative documents. He stated that this Ministry has scrutinized and processed around 300 legislative documents during three years of National Unity Government, the laws which are of immense importance to the government and society.

Similarly, the spokesperson provided information on Afghanistan Laws Database and the manner of finding legislative documents therein, and provided information to the participants and asked them: As responsible citizens you need to be aware of your laws and paly effective role on the way to their implementation.

At the end, Mr. Riazat gifted a Volume of the Penal Code and some other gazettes and legal booklets to this educational institution and also responded to the questions of the students.