Book-reading, Memorization and Recitation of Holy Quran Contest amongst Delinquent Children in Kabul Juvenile Rehabilitation Center

August 07th 2018

In a ceremony held on this occasion in Juvenile Rehabilitation Center (JRC) of Kabul Province, the prizes and gifts of the leadership of Ministry of Justice were distributed amongst those who stood first, second and third in the contest. The suspect, accused and law-breaking juveniles took part in different categories of this contest.  

Mohammad Qasem Halimi- Deputy Technical Minister of Justice talked about the excellence of Holy Quran and encouraged children to recite it and acquire other religious teachings and furthermore asked them to align their conduct and behavior as per the teachings of Quran and religious educations so that they are the role models of righteousness in the society.

The deputy minister added that it is the responsibility of Ministry of Justice to rehabilitate the law-breaking and delinquent children and said they are responsible to rehabilitate these children and present them to the society as righteous individuals. He also promised that they would soon conduct more contests amongst law-breaking and delinquent children.

Mir Fayaz u Din Amini- Director Juvenile Rehabilitation Center Kabul Province explained that the reason behind establishment of this center has been to rehabilitate the children suspected, accused and convicted of law-breaking and to present righteous individuals to the society, and further added that this center has facilitated educational, sporting, vocational, religious, legal, health and cultural services to the children in cooperation with relevant institutions.

Mawlavi Saiqal also encouraged children to learn holy Quran and religious educations, and hoped that in future these children will be presented to the society as righteous individuals and would be able to bear the burden of some responsibilities in the society.

At the end, one of the children representing the others, thanked and appreciated holding such contests and made request for continuation of these contests.  

It is worthy of attention that based on reports, a number of 530 children suspected, accused and convicted of law-breaking are located in Juvenile Rehabilitation Centers, amongst which 159 relate to JRC Kabul and 27 of them are the suspect, accused and/or convict of crimes against internal and external security.