Deputy Minister Social Affairs of Ministry of Justice Holds Introductory Meeting with the Field Program Director of International Development Law Organization

August 1st 2018

Dr. Zakia Adeli- Deputy Minister Social Affairs of Ministry of Justice Islamic Republic of Afghanistan held in her office an introductory meeting with Collin Vause- Field Program director of IDLO and his accompanying delegation.

Mr. Collin Vause talked about cooperation of International Law Development Organization (IDLO) with the Ministry of Justice, and added that this organization cooperates the Legal Aid Department of Ministry of Justice in convening Penal Code training programs, enhancement of curriculum and training materials, capacity building of legal aid providers and defense lawyers.

Mr. Collin deemed the capacity building of defense lawyers and legal aid providers most significant and essential and stated that right now, five training programs are in progress. He reiterated their cooperation with the Ministry of Justice.

The Social Affairs Deputy Minister thanked and appreciated the International Law Development Organization (IDLO) for its cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and asked for their further continued cooperation.